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    初紹介: カナダ

  • Wilfrid Laurier leads Canada in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

    『嵐の訪れ』でカナダを率いるのは ウィルフリッド・ローリエ

  • He was the seventh Prime Minister of Canada and is remembered today for his charismatic personality and his focus on Canadian unity and expansion.

    カリスマあふれるカナダの第7代首相で カナダの団結と拡大に力を注いだ

  • Wilfrid Laurier's leader ability isThe Last Best West.”

    ローリエの固有能力は 「最後のよき西部」

  • Farms can be built in Tundra and, after researching Civil Engineering, can also be built on Tundra Hills.

    ツンドラに農場を作れて 土木工学でツンドラ丘陵も開発できる

  • The cost of purchasing Snow and Tundra tiles is reduced, and he receives double extraction of all consumable resources, such as Iron, on Snow and Tundra tiles.

    雪原とツンドラの購入費用も減少し 枯渇性資源も倍得られる

  • Canada's unique improvement is the Ice Hockey Rink.


  • It can only be built in Tundra or Snow, and only one may be built per city.

    ツンドラか雪原にのみ建設でき 各都市に1つしか作れない

  • It provides Appeal and Amenities, plus Culture based on adjacent Snow and Tundra tiles.

    アピールと快適性が上がり 隣接する雪原やツンドラは文化力が増加

  • Unlocking Flight adds tourisms and unlocking Professional Sports adds production and food.

    航空技術で観光力 プロスポーツで生産力と食料が加わる

  • It also provides culture if adjacent to a stadium building.

    さらにスタジアムと隣接すると 文化力が大きく増加する

  • Canada's unique ability isFour Faces of Peace.”


  • They cannot declare Surprise Wars, or be the target of one.

    奇襲戦争を宣言できないが 他国からも宣言されない

  • They also receive extra Favor for successfully completing an emergency, and additional Favor based on their Tourism.

    緊急事態の成功で外交的支持が増え 観光力からも外交的支持が得られる

  • Their unique unit is the Mountie.


  • This Light Cavalry unit has the ability to create a National Park.

    軽騎兵ながら 国立公園を作れるユニットだ

  • It also receives a Strength bonus when fighting close to any National Park, and an even higher Strength bonus when fighting near Canadian owned National Parks.

    国立公園の近くで戦うと戦闘力が上昇 カナダの国立公園ならより強力になる

  • As Canada, you can take advantage of the icy landscape that most other civilizations will ignore.

    よその文明が目を向けない氷の土地も カナダは有効に活用できる

  • But should you fall under attack, your Mounties are powerful defenders.

    敵が攻めてきても 騎馬警察がいれば守りは盤石だ

  • Canada is built for a strong Culture victory, and can make a good run at a Diplomatic victory as well.

    カナダは文化による勝利に向いているが 外交による勝利を狙うこともできる

  • Be sure to join as many Emergencies as possible to take full advantage of their Diplomatic strengths.

    可能な限り緊急事態に参加すれば 優れた外交力を生かせるだろう

  • Will you guide the world with your sunny ways from the Great White North?

    北の白い大地から 太陽の道で世界を導けるだろうか?

  • How will you lead Canada in Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

    『嵐の訪れ』で カナダが君の導きを待っている


初紹介: カナダ


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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - ファーストルック。カナダ (Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - First Look: Canada)

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