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- Hey everyone, it's your girl Jenn
and today's video is about posing for photos.
I know it can feel pretty awkward and daunting
getting your picture taken,
but it doesn't always have to feel that way.
This is why I've whipped up ten of my go-to poses
so it just makes life easier in front of the camera,
and if you enjoy videos like this,
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All right, so without further ado,
let's get on with the poses.
So my first pose is called The Lean,
and this one is super easy.
All you've got to do is find a wall and lean on it.
You can lean on it sideways for something more
laid back and chill, or you can lean on it just directly
for something that's more straightforward.
But my little pro tip is to kind of arch your back
and pop your butt out a little bit
and have that resting on the wall.
It looks really weird from the side,
but directly it just slims you down and makes you look good.
Pose number two is called The Crossing,
and this is when you have your legs crossed.
I find that when my legs are crossed,
the pose looks a lot more dynamic as opposed to just
having my legs just parallel next to each other.
I feel like the pose looks a little flat that way,
but when you've got it crossed, I feel like it elongates
your figure and it's just more flattering to your body.
If I'm not wearing heels, I always make sure to tiptoe.
Those two extra inches goes a long way,
and when you are tiptoeing, you're flexing your legs
so it looks leaner and elongates your body.
The next pose is called The Strut,
and this is pretty much like the previous pose,
but you're actually walking.
So instead of just having one leg other the other,
you're actually gonna give yourself a little one-two step.
I find that when you try and physically walk,
it's hard for the photographer to capture that moment,
so I do a little rocking motion,
to try and capture that shot.
It looks really dumb in real life, but I swear
when you get the photo, it's totally gonna be worth it.
I find that the most difficult part about The Strut
for some reason is I always blink when I walk.
I don't know why, but just try and keep your eyes open,
or if the eye contact's not happening,
feel free to just stare forwards
for something that's a little bit more candid.
So pose number four is called The Coy Arms,
and I decided to name it this because when I do this pose,
it kind of looks like you're a little coy,
like you've got a little secret,
but this is when you have one hand and you place it
on your elbow, your forearm, or even your wrist.
Even the shoulder, I mean depending on the mood
that you're going for or the variety of shots
you want to take, just basically move your hand
all across the opposite arm.
One little pro tip is like to pop up my shoulder,
just to give it a little bit more of an elongated arm,
because it looks like it starts from here
as opposed to here.
So the next pose is called The Candid Hands,
and this is essentially just keeping your hands busy.
One of my favorites is just a little ear tuck,
like you're just kind of adjusting yourself,
kind of caught off-guard a little bit.
Just kind of fix your hair behind your ear even,
kind of flip your hair over,
keeping your arms moving and your hands busy,
I feel like that always translates really well
in front of the camera.
If you're wearing an outfit that has pockets,
definitely use them because you can just throw your hands
in your pockets and you don't have to worry about posing
them, it just looks like you're keeping your hands warm.
The same thing goes with pants pockets.
If you have a pocket in your bottom,
definitely just throw that hand in,
make it look like you're reaching something out of there,
and if you don't have any pockets but you got some
belt loops, those work too, just throw your thumbs in.
Kinda looks a little cowgirly but I think it looks cool too.
If you still can't figure out what to do with your hands,
just throw in a prop.
My favorite one is definitely a drink in your hand,
maybe a Starbucks cup or a mug, a cup of coffee.
It just keeps your hands busy,
you can throw both hands on them, take a little sippy sip.
It's just about interacting with something in your photo
as opposed to just standing there blankly.
Next up we've got the Sit & Stare.
One of my favorite places to take photos
are staircases because I just love how relaxed they look.
It's very street style.
One tip I have is to always keep your feet
on different stairs or different steps,
because it gives the photo more layers,
and it give a chance to elongate your body,
even though you're sitting down.
It just looks like you're chilling,
or you've had just a really long day,
and you just had to sit down on some stairs
and take a breather.
Pose number nine is called The Look Back At It,
and this is when your body is facing away from the camera,
but your face is facing towards the camera,
so it looks like you've just been summoned.
Like "oh, you called for me?" type of thing.
This one definitely requires some synchronizing
with your photographer, so maybe have them
count down when they're going to take the photo,
so you can move your head.
The goal is to have a little bit of move in your hair,
but sometimes it's just really hard to get the shot,
so I'll just literally just look back this way,
and just get the shot that way.
When all else fails and you don't know what to do,
just pop the peace sign.
This is an easy pose that anyone can do.
You can have it directly next to you,
close to your face, above, on somebody.
I mean, anything goes with the peace sign,
it's just, I don't know, I always think it's cute.
This is one of my go-tos when
I really don't know what to do.
I feel like it's really light-hearted, cute,
and it promotes a good message, peace.
All right guys, so those were ten poses that you can
try for your next Instagram post,
or just any photo you want to in general.
I am definitely not a professional model,
and I know that there are so many other poses
that you can do, but honestly these ten are the ones
that I just kinda gravitate toward most
because they're comfortable and easy to do.
If you end up trying any of these,
make sure you tag me on Instagram and write down
the pose that you used in the caption,
I would love to see what you guys come up with.
It's all about having fun and capturing the moment.
If you guys enjoyed this video,
make sure you hit the like button
so it'll encourage me to film more of these videos for you.
I think for my next photo-taking series video, it might
be different locations you can take a good photo at.
I think I would divide it, I mean,
even Los Angeles itself has so many different backdrops,
but yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this video,
and thank you so much for watching, bye! (kisses)
(upbeat jazz music)


インスタ映え間違いなし!写真のポーズの撮り方 (How To Pose For Photos | 10 Easy Poses For Instagram | clothesencounters)

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