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and there's no medical reason why this happened
in fact in my mind was in office
children should that King live
my parents and do anything wrong and I thought this didn't do anything wrong
and %uh
I was just told that it's one of these things here at home because of what has happened
when people which he said on the socks was of white people to use it
is it just because of the free world what is it the truth
I need to have a lot of other people
some people of our age
some treat life as something to be wholesome it was sort of was that the differences
and I don't think there's one difference is much different than anything else and no one
at the moment
this is the so everybody
it's just so sad to see that
people get teased about you know how they face lifts
police think one of the poorest in the world should it's wrong
it's our land
you know when people see me for the first time what they see success story for this
what we've done is in the interests of that line
it only uses this is
how can I say
and judging by how the I have no idea that's on top of the great account to find that no
are you saying there's something stock market does time of my life
that I travel around the world people starving in the two thousand one of my life
on the evening of the complete life for the average twenty three-year-old
because I was away
you know
how are you doing we're going to take a break
in your life where he's I wish I had the answer
it's this
that's right
and you get that
and are you happy
thank you
it does not
because if you don't have to
in a very temporary thing
I find it actually
find that the definition of disability
this is the only the sound think that's going to stop from doing something
and I think that having a wanted man
is not the biggest in the middle
I think the greatest the stability of old Israel


Nick Vujicic Motivational Message

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