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  • Teclis! Brother..."

  • The outpost at Dawn's Light has fallen.

  • I'll need reinforcements to prevent the incursion.

  • We can spare no one...

  • While you wander the oceans, I defend Ulthuan!

  • In your absence we have barely held back the Druchii!

  • And the Witch King prepares a greater invasion still...

  • Tyrion, there is a threat more immediate than our fallen kin.

  • One that gnaws on the very roots of the world.

  • I have seen... they spread their plague and multiply unchecked.

  • It is time to swallow our pride and ally with the children of the Old Ones.

  • Their knowledge and power near rivals our own

  • we do not need them as an enemy

  • They are far from Ulthuan.

  • The Vortex is vulnerable and our concern should be here! Defending it!

  • Then the Loremasters and I alone will go...

  • Guard the gates brother, for soon the world will arrive.

  • Let them come!

Teclis! Brother..."


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トータル・ウォー:ウォーハンマー2 ハイエルフローンチトレーラー (Total War: WARHAMMER 2 High Elves Launch Trailer)

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