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Queen Seondeok leads Korea in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall
She ruled the kingdom of Silla at a crucial time in Korea's history
with astute diplomatic alliances and patronage of the arts and culture.
Her reign set the stage for a unified Korean kingdom after her death.
Korea can build the unique Seowon, which replaces the Campus.
This must be built on Hills, and gets a fixed yield of science.
But for every District you build next to it, this yield is reduced.
Korea's unique ability is called “Three Kingdoms.”
Mines receive bonus science, and farms yield bonus food, if built adjacent to a Seowon.
Their unique unit is the Hwacha.
This devastating ranged unit is much more powerful than its Renaissance-era counterparts,
but cannot move and attack in the same turn.
Queen Seondeok's unique ability is “Hwarang.”
This provides bonuses to both science and culture in all cities with an established governor.
With their solid Seowon output, Korea can provide you with a reliable foundation of science,
that you can use to accelerate your research progress as you work towards a victory.
Remember that Mines are especially important for production and science
when you build them next to your Seowon.
Will your kingdom become a place of learning and knowledge?
How will you lead Korea in Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?


Civilization VI: Rise and Fall First Look: Korea

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