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  • Cyrus leads Persia in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

    『シヴィライゼーション VI』で ペルシアを導くのはキュロス

  • Cyrus was the founder of the Achaemenid Persian Empire, and in his lifetime it grew to be the greatest empire the world had ever known, leaving his successors a stable dynasty of many ancient kingdoms.

    アケメネス朝を創始して大帝国を築き 多くの国からなる安定した王朝を残した

  • Persia's unique ability is Satrapies.


  • Persia gets a free Trade Route when Political Philosophy is unlocked, and bonuses to internal trade routes.

    政治哲学の獲得で無料の交易路が得られ 国内交易路にもボーナスが発生する

  • Their unique unit is the Immortal.

    固有ユニットの「不死隊」は 他文明の剣士に相当し――

  • This swordsman replacement has a ranged attack, but a strong combat defense as well.


  • Persia also has the Pairidaeza as a unique improvement.


  • These tile improvements provide Culture, Gold, and Appeal, with bonuses for adjacent Districts and city centers.

    文化力 ゴールド アピールが上がり 区域や都心と隣接ボーナスもある

  • Over time, they'll provide more yields as you advance through the tech and civic trees.

    またこのボーナスは 技術・社会制度の ツリーと連動している

  • Cyrus's special ability is calledFall of Babylon.”


  • After declaring a Surprise War, all Persian units get bonus movement.

    奇襲戦争を宣言すると 全ユニットの移動力が上がる

  • Cyrus also takes less of a diplomatic penalty for declaring Surprise Wars.

    また 奇襲戦争による 外交上のペナルティも受けなくなる

  • While Persia can be very successful with sneak attacks, this is a civ that can grow strong over time through combinations of Wonders and the Pairidaeza.

    ペルシアは奇襲が得意なだけでなく 遺産と固有施設で時間を味方にできる

  • You can play Persia to build up to an inexorable cultural victory, or grow rich to fund the victory of your choice.

    文化による勝利を達成しやすいが 豊富な資金で他の勝利を目指してもいい

  • Will future generations call you the King of Kings? How will you lead Persia in Sid Meier's Civilization VI?

    『シヴィライゼーション VI』で ペルシアを「諸王の王」として導け

Cyrus leads Persia in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

『シヴィライゼーション VI』で ペルシアを導くのはキュロス


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CIVILIZATION VI First Look.ペルシャ (CIVILIZATION VI First Look: Persia)

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