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  • Poundmaker leads the Cree in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

    『文明の興亡』で クリーを率いるのはパウンドメーカー

  • He ruled his people during a tumultuous time in Cree history,

    賢明な攻撃と外交のバランスで 困難な時代にクリーの民を導いた

  • judiciously toeing the line between aggression and diplomacy.

    クリーとカナダ政府間の 平和を保ったことで有名だ

  • Today he is remembered for his work to secure peace between the Cree and Canadian government.


  • The Cree's unique ability is “Nîhithaw.”

    陶磁器の研究で 交易路を得る

  • They receive their first Trade Route when they research Pottery.

    都市から3タイル以内の未支配タイルに 交易商が最初に入れば―― タイルを獲得できる

  • The first time a Trader moves into an unclaimed tile within 3 tiles of a Cree city,


  • that tile is claimed.

    住宅と生産力をもたらし 高級資源に隣接でゴールド―― ボーナス資源に隣接で食料が得られる

  • The Cree's unique improvement is the Mekewap.


  • This provides Housing and Production, as well as Gold when adjacent to a Luxury Resource,

    斥候に取ってかわる偵察ユニットで 無償の1レベルアップと戦闘力を得る

  • and Food when adjacent to Bonus Resources.

    パウンドメーカーの固有能力は 「有利な条件」

  • Their unique unit is the Okihtcitaw.

    全同盟が視野を共有し 交易路の先に キャンプや牧草地があると食料を追加

  • This reconnaissance unit replaces the Scout,

    到着側にキャンプや牧草地があると 到着側の都市にゴールドを追加する

  • but receives a free promotion and has additional Combat Strength.

    パウンドメーカーは経済と政治に長ける 同盟を深め 交易商に帝国を拡大させよう

  • Poundmaker's unique ability isFavorable Terms.”

    陶磁器の研究は文明を急速に広げる 近隣の国に友好の種も蒔こう

  • All alliances provide shared visibility,

    同盟国をまとめ 強くなれるか?

  • and external trade routes grant additional Food when trading with cities with Camps and Pastures.

    『文明の興亡』で クリーが君の導きを待っている

  • The recipient of the trade route receives additional Gold per Camp or Pasture.

  • Creating and maintaining high level alliances will bring you economic and political success

  • as Poundmaker, and your Traders will be invaluable to extending your empire.

  • Researching Pottery right away will get you off to a quick start as you extend your land

  • and begin sowing the seeds of friendship with your neighbors.

  • Will you stand united and strong with your allies?

  • How will you lead the Cree in Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

Poundmaker leads the Cree in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

『文明の興亡』で クリーを率いるのはパウンドメーカー


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