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  • Chandragupta ALSO leads India in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

    『文明の興亡』で新たに インドを導くのはチャンドラグプタ

  • He unified much of the Indian subcontinent, building one of the largest empires in the region.

    インド亜大陸の大部分を統一し この地域で屈指の帝国を築いた王

  • He later abdicated his throne, renounced everything, and died an enlightened Jain monk.

    後に退位し 全てを捨てて ジャイナ教の僧として入滅した

  • Chandragupta is the second alternative leader to join the Civilization VI leader lineup.

    チャンドラグプタはインドの追加指導者 複数の指導者がいる文明は二つ目だ

  • These different leaders allow players to take the civ's strengths in slightly different directions.

    こうした指導者の違いは 文明の力を少し異なる方向で発揮させる

  • While Gandhi's empire flourishes in times of peace,

    ガンジーの帝国は平和な時代に輝くが チャンドラグプタはより攻撃的だ

  • Chandragupta allows you to play as India more aggressively.

    チャンドラグプタもインドの固有能力 「ダルマ」や階段井戸 ヴァルを得る

  • Chandragupta gets India's unique abilityDharma,”


  • as well as the ability to build Stepwells and Varu units.

    軍事訓練の研究で拡張戦争を宣言でき 開戦ターンに移動力と戦闘力が加わる

  • His unique ability isArthashastra.”

    チャンドラグプタは領土を拡大し 強力な戦象部隊で制覇による勝利を狙う

  • After researching the Military Training civic, he may declare a War of Territorial Expansion,

    階段井戸を量産すれば 拡張戦争の間 民は家と食料を得られるだろう

  • with additional Movement and Combat Strength during the opening turns of the war.


  • Chandragupta is a powerful expansionist leader with an elephant mounted army

    『文明の興亡』で インドが君の導きを待っている

  • to support him on his way to a domination victory.

  • Building plenty of Stepwells will be the key to keeping your people housed and fed

  • as you expand your reach across continents.

  • Will your empire grow vast and strong?

  • How will you lead India in Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

Chandragupta ALSO leads India in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

『文明の興亡』で新たに インドを導くのはチャンドラグプタ


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Civilization VI: Rise and Fall First Look.インド (Civilization VI: Rise and Fall First Look: India)

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