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  • We should have destroyed Carthage!

  • Every man, woman, and child many years ago!

  • [indistinguishable yelling intensifies]

  • Enough!

  • Saguntum is lost, and our western allies have failed us.

  • where was the last report of his whereabouts?

  • my spies in Iberia tell me his fleet has sailed.

  • We must expect an invasion at Massalia !

  • This is nonsense, no fleet

  • has sailed. Rome controls the Mediterranean.

  • he's not attacking, he's making allies!

  • At this very moment he courts the Macedonians,

  • the Greeks!

  • Illyria will rise up against us and the Adriatic will be lost

  • once more.

  • Ridiculous! Epirus won't stand for it!

  • Our legions have sole military access to their land.

  • I believe the attack will come from Africa itself.

  • He intends to cross the Mediterranean and invade from Sicily.

  • Syracuse will revolt and sweep up from the south.

  • [grumble grumble]

  • He will come not from the south, nor the east! Mercenaries in the north

  • report that has forged an alliance with the tribes Po valley.

  • He intends to circumnavigate Massalia and march his army-- Over the alps, perhaps!

  • He would lose half his army from attrition alone! The other half would desert!

  • Do you expect the Gauls to welcome him

  • When he arrives?

  • I suppose he will bring with him an army of elephants!

  • I dare say that would be

  • quite a feat,

  • Even for the great

  • Hannibal Barca!

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We should have destroyed Carthage!


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