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Todays Top 5 features the man of Japanese anime: Miyazaki!
Coming in at number 5 we have.. Ponyo!
I love Ponyo.
In fact after watching Ponyo I walk around the house saying
Ponyo, Ponyo, Sosuke, Ponyo. I love Ponyo it is such a great kids movie.
It really is. It is like the Miyazaki Finding Nemo. Ponyo came out in 2008 and it is Miyazakis
tenth film. Ponyo is a kids movie about a little goldfish who is found by a boy named
Sosuke, and she decides I want to be human. It is the Ponyo song. Ponyo Ponyo, fishy in
the sea, Ponyo Ponyo.. I don't remember the rest of the song. At number 4 we have Princess
Mononoke. I still remember the first time I saw Princess Mononoke. I was sitting in
my dorm room and my roommate stuck it on her computer so we could watch it. I remember
at the time I was not really interested in anime and it was a little dark but by the
end of it I was intrigued. It caught my attention because although it seemed to be more of a
guys type of movie with a lot of fighting and things like that, the nature scenes were
really beautiful and the main character is a girl who kicks butt. Princess Mononoke reminds
me of stories my mother told me about my ancestors and how once upon a time I had a great great
grandmother or something that was a Native American. And so it kind of has that appeal
to me.. except in a Japanese way. My pick for number 3 is the mascot of Chibli studios
My Neighbor Totoro. Totoro is the Japanese version of Winnie the Pooh and when I was
younger I loved Winnie the Pooh. This story reminds me of my own childhood. I have a younger
sister and we used to make up our own games and make believe stories and play in the woods.
I thought I had a vivid imagination but not compared to these two girls. It would be awesome
to have a Totoro. When I was a young girl I would have loved to have had a Totoro. I
mean a big furry stuffed creature that you can play with. He can fly away, and you can
have all kinds of fun with them. Although he has a big scary growly voice. [super deep
growly voice and sneeze] I take the chibi. Like the little rabbit thing. [deet deet deet]
That would have been my choice. At number 2 we have Howls Moving Castle. This movie
has some of the most beautiful hand drawn scenery. To make one of these pictures would
take me weeks. Let alone hand drawn animation that goes on and on. I've seen this one over
and over again. This is one I can even watch with my boyfriend who is really hard to get
into Japanese and Korean Asian anime, dramas things like that. I thought I was your fiance?
[record scratch] I'm still getting used to that. Yea he is my fiance. hehehe [bell ding]
I gotta say Howl is one of my anime crushes, if I could date an anime character Howl would
definitely be one of them. And, Sophie is such a sweet personality and really, as a
girl, this is the kind of girl I want in a movie that guys watch because it is all about
liking girls for their heart and not about their appearance. And personally, I'm all
for it. What girl doesn't want a guy who likes you for your heart and you can wake up in
the morning and look like crap and walk around in your sweats and not be attractive, and
at the same time he still really loves and appreciates you. Score! At number 1 we have
Miyazakis showpiece Spirited Away. This movie is larger than life. It is by far Miyazakis
best film. It is bold, it is classic, it is epic! It came out in 2001, and the English
adaption came out in 2002. When it was released it was the highest grossing film in Japanese
history. It also won the academy award for best animated feature. Spirited Away reminds
me a Japanese version of Alice in Wonderland. You have a girl who has got some family problems.
She moves to a new place, she runs into the woods, and she is stuck in a whole different
universe. It is not the kind of situation a girl wants to find herself in. As well as
Alice in Wonderland, it also kind of reminds me of Star Wars because it is such an alternate
universe with such unique characters. You have weird creatures, gigantic pigs, no faced
people, and you also have a big Jabba the Hut kind of character who is fat and smelly
and disgusting and slimy. Yeah, you don't see those in every film. In the end we find
out that it is just a dream. Another fantasy. And, everything was just where it started
back at. I mean just like when you wake up in the morning. And truth be told: this was
the movie that got me hooked on anime. And there you have it, this weeks Top 5 Friday.
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Top 5 Miyazaki Anime - Top 5 Fridays

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