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  • This is a story about a young man named Wade, who lives in a futuristic Oklahoma City where

  • the problems of the world are so bad that most of the population turns to an online

  • simulation video game called the OASIS.

  • The creator of the OASIS, a man named Halliday, dies and challenges the entire world to find

  • a hidden Easter egg in his game in order to inherit his wealth by finding three keys and

  • entering three gates through the OASIS universe.

  • Wade lives in a trailer with his aunt and extended family, but keeps his most valuable

  • belongings in a secret hiding place inside an abandoned junkyard.

  • As a gunter, a nickname for anyone searching for the Easter egg, Wade enters the OASIS

  • world as his avatar named Parzival.

  • Wade hangs out in the OASIS world with a gunter named Aech, his friend who has helped him

  • learn trivia about the 1980s to help find the Easter egg.

  • Wade is awarded a Copper key after defeating a skeleton king at an old video game in a

  • secret cave.

  • As Wade is leaving the cave, he runs into a famous gunter named Art3mis. They talk and

  • just as Wade leaves, she traps him temporarily and tells him that she knows he got the key

  • because his name appeared on a worldwide scoreboard.

  • Wade travels to a planet that looks like Halliday's childhood town where he is placed in a virtual

  • movie simulation and must act out the parts of the main character.

  • Wade passes through the First Gate and his score increases on the scoreboard. Meanwhile,

  • Art3mis finds the Copper Key.

  • As Wade tries to find the Jade key, he receives a request to meet with Innovative Online Industries,

  • a corporation trying to find the Easter egg with the help of hired avatars called Sixers,

  • in hopes to take over the OASIS world.

  • Wade meets with the chief of operations of IOI, a man named Sorrento, and refuses to

  • offer help for money. Sorrento reveals that IOI knows his secret identity and threatens

  • to kill him and his family.

  • Wade refuses the final offer and a bomb destroys his aunt's trailer, killing his family and

  • neighbors.

  • Wade spends all the money he has left to move to Columbus, the location of the OASIS headquarters.

  • Wade calls a meeting with the other four gunters who are on the scoreboard - Art3mis, Aech,

  • Daito, and Shoto - to warn them that IOI might go after them.

  • Wade becomes romantically interested in Art3mis, but when he expresses his love for her, she

  • backs away, wanting to spend more time finding the Easter egg.

  • Wade grows depressed over the split with Art3mis until one day the scoreboard updates as Art3mis

  • takes first place by finding the Jade Key.

  • Wade thinks he knows where the Jade key is and flies to a planet filled with old arcade

  • cabinets.

  • He finds an unusual Pac Man machine and gets a high score, which rewards him with a mysterious

  • quarter.

  • However, the scoreboard updates again as Aech has found the Jade key, moving him to second

  • place overall.

  • Aech sends Wade a clue to help him and Wade finds the Jade Key.

  • Daito is killed in the OASIS game and in real life by IOI agents.

  • Soon, IOI Sixers swarm the planet for the Jade Key and their scores climb the scoreboard.

  • However, as Wade thinks about finding the Second Gate, Sorrento's score climbs to

  • first place as he completes the Second Gate. Then Sorrento's score rises again as he

  • finds the Crystal Key, the last key.

  • Wade completes the Second Gate and gets the Crystal Key. He then sends the information

  • to Art3mis, Aech, and Shoto.

  • However, IOI surrounds the planet where the Third Gate is so no one can get inside.

  • In real life, Wade's apartment is raided and he is arrested by IOI agents for not paying

  • his bills. Wade is taken and processed as a tech specialist for IOI.

  • Once inside IOI, he hacks into their system and retrieves all the information IOI has

  • on Halliday and each of the top gunters.

  • Wade escapes IOI headquarters and meets up with the others in the OASIS to tell them

  • what IOI knows about them.

  • Wade comes up with a plan to unite all of the gunters in the OASIS to fight against

  • Sorrento and the Sixers at the location of the Third Gate.

  • As the group talks, Og Morrow, Halliday's friend and co-founder of OASIS, appears. He

  • tells them that they are welcome to stay at his home in Oregon for safety.

  • Og flies them all to Oregon as Wade and Aech meet for the first time in real life.

  • The group arrives at Og's house and they login to the OASIS to complete their mission.

  • They arrive at the location of the Third Gate, which is a large castle that IOI surrounds

  • with a force field and the entire Sixers army.

  • Thousands of gunters are there in support of Wade and the group.

  • Wade finds a way to turn off the force field, allowing them to engage in a fight.

  • Wade and the others use giant robots to fight Sorrento and the Sixers, who also use giant

  • robots.

  • Wade, Art3mis, and Aech make it to the Third Gate, but Shoto is killed.

  • All three insert their keys into the gate and it opens.

  • Just as they step into the gate, the entire world explodes and every avatar is killed.

  • However, because Wade won that quarter from the Pac-Man game, he is allowed to come back

  • to life.

  • Wade enters the Third Gate as another group of Sixers who hadn't died pursues him.

  • Eventually, Wade wins the contest and is awarded godmode in the OASIS and the inheritance by

  • Halliday.

  • Wade then brings back the avatars of his friends.

  • In the end, Sorrento is arrested for murder and Wade and Art3mis meet in real life, sparking

  • a relationship.

This is a story about a young man named Wade, who lives in a futuristic Oklahoma City where


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