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Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English
We Speak. I'm Feifei.
Neil: And I'm Neil. Hey thanks for
joining me today, Feifei.
Feifei: No problem, Neil. I wanted
to give you my support for your
first run in the park.
Neil: Well, this run in the park is only
five kilometres.
Feifei: I know, but you're not particularly
fit and you haven't done much training.
Neil: Oh don't worry about that -
this will be a walk in the park!
Feifei: Err Neil - I hope you're not thinking
of walking around the park - this is a run,
a run in the park!
Neil: I have no intention of walking -
it's just an expression that means it's easy
to do, especially compared
to other activities.
Feifei: I'm glad to hear that because it's
just about to start - let's hope
you really do find it easy!
Neil: Don't worry, I will have finished by
the time you hear these examples...
I've been studying for so long, this exam
should be a walk in the park.
Oh don't worry about me, I've trekked in
the Himalayas, this hill will be a walk
in the park!
The job at the bank will be a walk in the
park - you studied economics
at university!
Feifei: You're listening to The English We
Speak from BBC Learning English - and
Neil has been using the phrase 'a walk in
the park' to explain that a run in the park
is easy, especially when compared
to other activities - like running a full
marathon, for example.
But where is Neil now?
Neil: ...here I am. Oh, that was hard.
Feifei: So that run wasn't a walk in
the park then? That's a shame.
Neil: Why's that?
Feifei: Well, I thought that if running in the
park was too easy, you could train for next
year's London Marathon. It's over
42 kilometres - that would be
no walk in the park.
Neil: Err, could we just park that idea,
please?! I'm going to do another activity
to keep fit and healthy.
Feifei: Oh yes, what's that?
Neil: Walking. In the park!
Feifei: Good idea. Bye!
Neil: Bye.


【BBC日常会話】A walk in the park: 朝飯前、簡単なこと (A walk in the park: The English We Speak)

332 タグ追加 保存
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