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  • This is a story about three orphans named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, who,

  • having escaped Count Olaf from stealing their family fortune, move in with Aunt Josephine,

  • a widow who lives in a house with a beautiful view overlooking Lake Lachrymose.

  • Aunt Josephine likes grammar and is afraid of everything, including cooking with the

  • stove and answering the phone.

  • Aunt Josephine takes the children to town to buy groceries and meets Captain Sham, a

  • boat operator who is new in town.

  • The children immediately recognize that Captain Sham is Count Olaf in disguise, but Aunt Josephine

  • doesn't suspect it.

  • One evening, the children hear a crash and find a note from Aunt Josephine saying that

  • she jumped out of the window and that the children should live with Captain Sham.

  • The children read the note closely and, because it's written in such poor grammar, suspect

  • that it is a fake.

  • Mr. Poe, a family friend, comes over to the house and determines that the note matches

  • the handwriting of Aunt Josephine, even though the children are convinced the note is from

  • Captain Sham.

  • Captain Sham, Mr. Poe, and the children have lunch in town, but the children purposely

  • give themselves an allergic reaction and go back to the house to figure things out.

  • Klaus analyzes the letter closely and determines that although Aunt Josephine wrote the note,

  • she left clues that she is hiding in a nearby cave called Curdled Cave.

  • As the approaching hurricane grows stronger, the children escape the house before it falls

  • into the lake.

  • Because the local ferry is closed, the children steal a boat from Captain Sham and find Aunt

  • Josephine hiding in Curdled Cave.

  • Aunt Josephine explains that she faked her death with the note and wants to stay in the

  • cave, but decides to go back to town to expose Captain Sham.

  • As they travel across the lake, the Lachrymose Leeches, deadly leeches that eat people, attack

  • the boat.

  • As the boat begins to sink, Violet creates a signal fire and a rescue boat assists them.

  • However, the rescue boat is captained by Captain Sham and his accomplice.

  • Before returning back to the dock, Captain Sham pushes Aunt Josephine into the lake and

  • the Lachrymose Leeches eat her.

  • Once on the dock, the children try to plea with Mr. Poe that Captain Sham is Count Olaf,

  • but he doesn't believe them.

  • Sunny bites Captain Sham's peg leg and it's revealed to be a fake.

  • In the end, Count Olaf gets away and Mr. Poe takes the children to live with another relative.

This is a story about three orphans named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, who,


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