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  • People think they got you all figured out

  • based on how you look.

  • But it's not that simple.

  • Especially when it comes to me.

  • I'm a little more complex.

  • Sorry I almost killed you!

  • Ow!

  • Who's my good boy?

  • I had the perfect life.

  • Until one day

  • All yours, little guy.

  • Everything changed.

  • There's been a mistake!

  • Nina!

  • Ferdinand!

  • Now, I know when you look at me you think 'big'.

  • You're ginormous! I can't wait to show you to the rest of the guys. They're gonna fertilize the yard.

  • It's scary.

  • Who are you?

  • I'm Una, I'm Dos, and I'm Quatro.

  • What happened to Tres?

  • [whispering] We do not speak of Tres.

  • You think someone who could fight.

  • I am here to select a bull. I'll take that one.

  • Sucks to be you!

  • I am NOT a fighting bull!

  • Can you guts help me out?

  • Zis is the beautiful horses' side, und zat is the schtinky bull's side.

  • Have a nice day schmelling terrible!

  • Nina needs me. I'm gettin' outtta this place.

  • And I'm not leavin' anyone behind.

  • Just do exactly what we do.

  • Maybe don't do exactly as we do.

  • Everybody in! Hit it!

  • Wait for me!

  • I've been waitin' for this my whole flea-bitten life!

  • We got company!

  • Straight shot through there.

  • Have you seen these hips?

  • [car alarm]

  • They're coming. We gotta do something, guys.

  • One two three four, uno dos tres quatro.

  • Look at the cute squirrels!

  • What?! [chomp] Hedgehogs!

People think they got you all figured out


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フェルディナンド 予告編 #1 (2017) |Movieclips予告編 (Ferdinand Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers)

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