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  • Every time I take my eagle out, I get butterflies in my stomach.


  • It's this dichotomy between a heavy bird on your fist that just instantly becomes lighter than air.


  • You get to cultivate a really unique relationship.


  • There are very few people flying eagles in the United States and of that, only a handful of women.


  • But my very good friend Jamaica is beginning her journey into eagle falconry.


  • The ability to be mentored by a woman, I thought that that was something unique, that I shouldn't pass up that opportunity.

    ジャマイカ】女性に指導される能力。それは何かユニークなものだと思いました。 その機会を逃すわけにはいかない。

  • Falconry is the ancient art and tradition of using a trained bird of prey to hunt its natural quarry in the wild.

    ローレン】 鷹狩りは古来からの芸術であり伝統である猛禽類を使った場合 その自然の採石場を野生で狩るために。

  • I spent a lot of time in Mongolia apprenticing under Kazakh eagle hunters.


  • When I started, I felt pretty out of place.


  • Because I didn't have that hunting experience, and I was a girl, it made me really fortify my passion and persevere.

    その狩りの経験がなかったからだ。と私は女の子でした。 情熱と忍耐力を本当に強くしてくれました。

  • Because it was hard in the beginning.


  • I've admired her from the very beginning.


  • Her journey into falconry was different than most.


  • The gumption she had as a teenager to go to Mongolia and learn about eagle falconry, that's a rare thing.

    10代の頃にモンゴルに行った度胸と鷲の鷹狩りについて学びます。 それは珍しいことですね。

  • Here boy, atta boy.


  • A little over a year ago, I got a call from a friend who had found an eagle standing in the road about a mile from my house.

    一年ちょっと前に友人から電話がありました。道に立つ鷲を見つけた人 私の家から1マイルほど離れたところにある

  • It was close to death.


  • So I took it to the vet that afternoon and participated in rescuing that eagle.


  • Falconry is pretty much the only way at this point that we know for sure allows that eagle a reasonable chance at survival.

    鷹狩りは、この時点ではかなり唯一の方法です。その鷲を許すと確信している 生存の可能性がある

  • By helping them through that period where they're learning how to catch things.


  • I made it my life's mission to get an eagle permit and acquire an eagle through an established rehab program that works with falconers.


  • There's a lot of knowledge involved in falconry.


  • There's also a lot of ways to do it wrong.


  • It's really not necessarily instinctive.


  • I would not want to get into eagle falconry without a good mentor to contact.


  • Knowing that Lauren was available to be a mentor to me was a huge part of being willing to make that decision.


  • To get inside the mind of an eagle, the first time is a... it can be a difficult experience.

    鷲の心の中に入るためにが最初です。 難しい経験になるかもしれません。

  • You just have to find your bearings and understand where an eagle's coming from, in order to create a good, fit, confident hunting eagle.

    あなたは自分のベアリングを見つける必要があります鷲の出どころがわかる 体格の良い、自信のある狩猟用イーグルを作るために。

  • So essentially that's what I'm helping Jamaica do.


  • When you find someone that has that passion and is willing to share it with you, it's really a special thing.

    その情熱を持った人を見つけるとと、あなたと共有したいと思っています。 本当に特別なものです。

  • The bond that you develop with someone who gives of you their time the way that Lauren is giving to me, it will be something I'll treasure forever.

    ジャマイカ】自分の時間を提供してくれる人との間に生まれる絆ローレンが私に与えてくれている 一生の宝物になりそうです。

  • And hopefully, someday, I'll pass that on to somebody else.


Every time I take my eagle out, I get butterflies in my stomach.



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