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A domics production
Got a few compliments about my hair every now and then and people [asked] where or how I get my hair cut
well, uh not to toot my own horn, but uh
I've been cutting my hair since I was like 17 is that why you messed up the other week? Yo spoiler man damn?
Alright, let me start from the beginning okay, so as a kid
There's like a 95% chance that your parents will decide to Bestow upon you the Bowl
No, no, not to eat from no you put it on your head and then you get the bowl cut I
mean who even invented the Bowl cut [ah]
[what] dost thou requested the present day?
Hmm y'all know what a coconut is
Say no more fam
Looking back. We all probably hated our bowl cuts, but at the time being a kid you really don't care too much about appearances
So it really didn't matter
Eventually I evolved into the [crew-cut] which I was pretty happy with for most of my [childhood] and then one day I discovered
Her Joe
yes, that Uzi styling liquid that was basically glue for your hair my discovery couldn't have worked out any better because I was really into
anime at the time well
I still am but but during that time I was
Obsessed with dragonball z and I'm sure you're well aware of what hairstyles they had on that show
So I'd say I've lived most of my teenage life with stalagmites on my head
eventually my family had to [move] to Virginia when I was 16 as I've mentioned in past stories and
Up until then we had this family friend who used to work at a hair [salon]
Cut all of our hair, and I refused to get my hair cut by anyone else
but her so when we moved to Virginia
[I] couldn't just
always wait until the next time [we] visited Canada to have my hair cut and I expressed this very strongly to her so before we
left she [gave] me a parting gift a
Hairstyling razor, it was like a samurai granting his pupil a legendary sword that's been passed down through generations
So I was like what what is this, and she gave me a face like you are ready, my child I?
Got dog Sensei it took me a while to figure out. What hairstyle
I was happy with you can tell by my
animations that my hair kind of varies between videos depending on where the story takes place in the timeline [of] my life and
Whenever I draw my current self in a video. I try to keep it accurate to whatever hairstyle
I have at the time of animating it after years of experimenting
Cutting trimming deciding. How long I [liked] my fringe sideburns neckline tail blah blah blah
Settled on the style [that] you see on most of my avatars and I seem to be staying true to my drawing because most fans
Who find me in the real world mention how I look just like my character, and I'm like yeah, that's that's the point
So [I've] kept this hair for a while
I kept using the same razor for years eventually adult over time
But I could still cut my hair with it [a] couple [of] months ago
I decided to get some new replacement blades because the old one got dull enough to the point where he was
Kind of Irritating to cut with the new one was sharp as hell and cut very swiftly with little to no effort
Vidcon and anime Expo 2016 roll in and I got to make my trip to La for some reason I decided to pack my razor
Possibly because my hair [was] getting a bit longer than what I like it to be so Vidcon happens
I had a blast [got] to meet and hang out with my twin and the rest of the animation squad
And then it's like two days before anime expo
I kind of had a free day
So when I woke up and showered I decided maybe I can trim my hair and tidy it up a [bit] now
Ever since I started cutting my hair
I never really set up mirrors so that I'd be able to see the back of my head when cutting it if I was just
Blind cut it and used my instincts trim a little bit here fill it out. Trim a little bit more
Okay, cool. That was my process for
years, okay
And it just worked out except this time
Apparently, I thought of it like any other self trimming session
Did it bit off my bangs I've been off the top and then it came to do the back?
remember when I said the new razor was really sharp and easy to cut with
well, I kind of underestimated its power level [just] just a tiny little bit it went Kaioken times 100 on my
Hair without me realizing it I went slice oh
Fit that that looks like a lot of hair
what what oh
Dear Lord no no no no, please please no no don't do this no
fuck ah
Do you guys happen to know how to fix or cut hair?
Why what happened? Oh my goodness, okay? Yeah, you need to go to a barber
So my friend takes me to his favorite barber
and he's like a Korean stylist I get there and he asked me this magazines with like a
thousand popular Korean [hairstyles], I looked through it for like 20 minutes before putting it down and telling him just
Please just just fix this
He says okay takes out the electric razor and just goes ham on my head
Pieces of hair raining down along with pieces of my soul you know that comic where the dogs in a house fire and is like
This is fine. Yeah, that was me the entire time [I] felt so naked afterwards
[I] haven't had hair this short since I was a teenager
It took me a while to get used to it and then pretty much wore a hat for the next few days
But eventually I grew to like it
And it's been growing up kind of nicely. [I] know some of you are gonna be like no job
[we] like the old hair and think your opinion really matters and feel you have the power to affect how I prefer myself to look
but uh
I [don't] know maybe I'll stick [with] this cut for a while
You know who else has anime here?
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Enjoy !
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