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Hey guys, it's Mike Chen staying in the NamDaeMun area and around here
The reason I chose it because there's tons of awesome restaurants, traditional markets, food stalls
Of course, you guys know I've been trying 7-elevens around the world
Especially in Asia and a lot of you guys been asking me to try the one here in Korea
But this 7-eleven this is something special because not only is it a convenience store?
It's also a cafe
Go upstairs at the cafe are, you got the microwaves, hot waters for cooking your needles and your
microwavable food items
It's literally like a cafe
That's so cool, there's even outlets if you want to you know decide to spend your day studying on local 7-eleven
All right, this is pretty neat but before we settle down up here let's go see what they have to eat
When in Korea, you gotta have some kimbap. Got spicy pork
you have
Have tuna, tuna kimchi you got fried squid
Spam, spam and mayo. Let's go with the spicy stir-fried pork
Ouuu, this peach yogurt milk looks awesome
There are a ton of
Whoo hot fried chicken burger and a lot of sandwiches. Ooh galbi dumpling. Yeah!
Some packaged kimchi. This is crazy look at this spicy chicken feet
Pork packaged pork. This is blood sausage. I think and you want a meat on a stick?
Here's a bunch of meat on a stick
I mean, I don't know what this is
But he kind of looks like one punch guy and it looks like this thing is spicy. For bento boxes
Look at this. This has got 11 different types of bonchon.
And you microwave all this except for this little section here
This looks good.
Oouu, I heard you got to get a banana milk. This is the bun section
they don't really have a lot of fresh buns and
Wow ton of coffee
And you got a bunch of these
Packs of noodles here. This isn't your traditional ramen. This is like more
I don't think this is dry noodles, but this is blood sausage and it looks spicy, huh?
I don't know. I think KitKat might have to file a lawsuit here
There's a lot of food here just pack them really really tight this is the ramen aisle there's the instant noodle aisle. Woo
Here we go. Now we're in business. So basically is this whole end section. This is just a tower of ramen
This is 7-eleven brand Nurungi. The Nurungi is like the bottom of the rice where they scrape it up
When they cook in a stone pot. That's interesting. Never seen that before. Ooh spicy Jajangmyeon.
Yes, and this is really interesting. This is Korean fried chicken flavored noodles. That sounds good. This is really cool
Korean cold noodle in an instant noodle format.
Oh, this is so crazy watermelon milk, I didn't know you could milk a watermelon
Then oh my god cream. Was is it strawberry cream cheese milk. Oh geez. Oh my god
I just saw the hidden ramen shelf on top there too. So although a small store. They packed a lot of stuff inside
You think I got enough for brunch? I
Think I got enough for brunch. We're gonna start with some cold noodles and some roasted galbi dumplings. So cold noodles
You see here. These are holes. You can poke with their chopsticks to drain the noodles because
You can't have any excess liquid and you make sure don't do what I did
You're only supposed to rip it till about here. Huh? Oops, don't do that
Look really really good. The packaging says 1000 watt and a minute and 20 seconds.
Here's a little hack for you. There you go
The we drain it, you open this up
I really kind of messed this up already
Gonna eat a little spicy sausage with my noodles.
You tear it a little bit
Whoo, never microwave the meat on a stick before
I'm both terrified and starving. It's so exciting
Mmmm.. smells really really good
They definitely need some spice but that is a tender dumpling
I don't like this part of their skin because
It's been sitting here for a few minutes and it's kind of like a little dry and a little tough
But this part right here the skin is very tender and look, there's a lot of filling. Not bad for a store
bought dumpling. And this thing I heard a lot about like the meat on a stick
collection at the 7-eleven here
That's actually super yummy
Very very spicy. Very fragrant sauces. A little bit on the sweeter side
Well, you know what this all needs? and I'm glad I got this
These little kimchi
And if you noticing the colors a little off that's because this is fried kimchi
It is not gonna look like a regular kimchi. So little dumpling
little kimchi. That
Is what the dumpling really needed. A little bit of spice. A little bit of a ship. It was a pretty good combo.
You cannot beat instant noodles in Asia.
Although these noodles are still a little warm. They taste exactly flavor wise with the cold spicy Korean noodles
The flavor is really on point here
With my noodles
Next up I'm thinking some kimbap and
Stir-fry blood sausage
This is the kimbap
That's intimidating-looking. Then there's like a pack here and a pack here. So I think I'm gonna put everything in this
Oh, this looks very
Not like something that's edible right now. It's very hard and dense and rubbery feeling right now
And then I'm supposed to put the sauce right on top
It's like little cornflakes
And the kimbap
20 seconds. Oh, this is very I mean it looks a little less intimidating now because the clumps have separated and you can
See the blood sausages
They're very very tender. Look at that. Very tender, very spongy. Yeah, definitely way less intimidating
This is the spicy fried pork kimbap. This actually looks really good. Mix the blood sausage well with the sauce
It doesn't taste half bad it's very robust very earthy
The spicy sauce actually goes quite well with the sausage very spongy very chewy flavoring not bad at all
I mean obviously listen tastes like a freshly made blood sausage, but that's too bad
Hmm love the kimbap. No really taste the spicy pork hide the crunch of the vegetables. Bite it up
A bite of the blood sausage.
Trace with some kimchi. Very darn good combo. Eat something spicy and savory, take a drink of milk
Water melon milk and what kind of cows do they have here in Korea?
This thing is very fruity. A huge melon flavor
Very smooth very creamy
Fantastically refreshing. I'm gonna have to add this watermelon milk to the must try list if you ever come to South Korea. So give this a try.
Really really surprisingly guys. Next up, I think we tried this crazy looking chicken burger and
some seasoned saucy chicken noodles. 40 seconds at 1,000 watt
Tear it in half
That thing got saucy real quick. Can smell the onions. Tap holes on the top
You can smell the sauce from this burger, I mean it's definitely not gonna be a crispy chicken burger, but I think it will be spicy
Chicken is quite tender. Obviously. The outside is gonna be a little mushy flavors a bit sweet definitely spicy
I like the crunch of the onions
in this burger the most
The bun does feel a little droopy, but for like a $2.00 microwavable burger it is what you expect
Really dig this. The instruction says to cook these noodles for about four minutes
I did about two so the noodles retain a nice nice chew
A bit on the sweet side. Don't like that as much but that after heat, that's really speaking to me
Very good things about this banana milk
Tastes like somebody milked the banana
Aww man
I do love the different milks here and nobody got anything on Korea when it comes to fruity milk. For my last course
11 types of bonchon. I got the Jajangmyeon and
Some really interesting like cheesy crab meat. So these noodles already there's some of these like just like little imitation
pellets of spam
Warm hot oil
This is like such fun dun dun spicy peppery noodles
And then this bento box or something like sesame, there's some beef, chicken,
seaweed, peanuts, kimchi and rice
And an egg and I really have no idea what to make of this this crazy monster cheesy
imitation crab meat. Oh
Fish cake
That was actually quite yummy.
I like the cold bonchon section, especially the peanuts. Its really really good.
Mmm and the pickled veggies. Again, not really sure what the heck this is.
I think it's supposed to be fried fish. That's not the greatest thing
Best thing I had today. If I could find these noodles in the US, this is insanely good
Jajangmyeon. Really nice fermented bean flavor
Its spicy. Its yummy. I guess ill try this
Edge is really weird. It just tastes like imitation crab with cheese inside, right?
The best thing in this box was the beef, the spicy chicken and a little cold bonchon.
Well, it's so good there's one of the best tasting noodles, I think I've ever had. I have a peach and strawberry shortcake milk
I'll tell you what South Korea definitely has a way with their fruity milk.
This is kind of funny, this is a chicken spicy chicken flavor almonds
I think the best thing I've had today, a hundred percent the different types at instant noodles, especially this one
No wonder she's smiling and happy.
Overall, I think the 7-eleven food here in Korea is not as strong as Taiwan or Japan. I think with all the 7-eleven places
I've been to, Japan 7-eleven 100% the best I mean those egg sandwiches taste like they were made by the gods
And then of course 7-eleven in Taiwan with their beautiful noodle selection
And their delicious rice dishes think the top items as Samuel Evans in Korea 100% be instant noodles
especially the dry type of instant noodles
Also love the kimbap the meat on a stick is worth the try and of course, you gotta get some fruity milk, you know
I do really love what they set up here. Like this is like a real cafe
No on top of a 7-eleven and it's better than most cafes because when you're hungry go downstairs grab some food come up microwave it
There's your meal. So overall really pleasant experience. Alright, luckily my hotel is really close to here because I'm about to pass out
So, this is my review of 7-eleven in South Korea. Thank you all so much for watching until we get again. See you later




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