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So I have not seen you.
Well, I saw you--
I ran into you at a restaurant.
But I haven't really congratulated you
because the last time you were here,
it was before award season.
And you've won just about every award
that there was to win for Big Little Lies.
So congratulations.
Thank you.
Yeah, that was an amazing, amazing journey with that show.
And it ain't over.
No, because it's-- look, we can't wait.
And Meryl Streep joined the cast, which that's--
Yeah, we got lucky.
I mean, she--
Not lucky.
Who wouldn't want to be a part of that cast?
Of course, she'd want to do that.
But she signed on without having read
any script, which is a big support of us
as a group of women.
She was like I want to be in the coven,
she said, [LAUGHTER] which I thought was funny.
Yeah, she's fantastic.
And she's definitely in it now.
She's-- and she plays Perry, who was my husband in Big Little
And for anyone that hasn't seen it,
she plays his mother, who comes back.
That's how the show begins--
comes to live with me.
So we find out.
Wow, she's the--
Mother-in-law living with you.
That would explain a lot of things that you think, right?
Is that what that is?
It will be unraveled.
You'll see.
No more.
I can tell you no more.
I think I've already said too much.
Not really.
That's my problem.
No, she's the mother-in-law and she's living with you.
I think that's not saying anything.
Is she evil?
Is she--
No more, Ellen.
No more.
Isn't that hard, though?
Like you have all this information,
and you have like a couple of glasses of wine.
And you're out somewhere.
And you're like-- yeah.
Do you worry about that?
No because I'm quite good at just--
I mean, obviously, I'm a producer on the series.
So I'm the one who's going shhh, shhh.
Everyone has to be on lock down.
Who do you worry about?
Who has the big mouth?
Reese, probably.
Yeah, I'm sure it's Reese.
No, probably the two of us have a bit of a big mouth.
So we have to watch it.
But please, just--
No, no, Reese-- I know her well.
No she doesn't.
She's-- and I'm trying to--
She's a very good secret keeper.
Well, she's told me some things.
And I'm trying to keep it a secret.
Yeah, I'm not going to tell you because I'm
good at keeping secrets.
But she's told me the entire plot line for this next season.
I think I've told my husband the entire plot line.
Well, he has ti know stuff.
But you're allowed to do that.
Except he doesn't know the Aquaman story line.
Yes, now you're kids--
Because they're on even bigger lock
down those comic book films--
I bet.
--are like oh my god.
You're kids must be freaking out that you're in that.
Yes, that's the only thing that gives me
any credibility with them.
That's the only thing?
Yeah, because--
In terms of my career.
Right, because they can't watch Big Little Lies.
They don't know how great you are in that
because they're too young.
Yes, but they were in as extras in Big Little Lies.
Oh, really?
Yes, which I've never told anyone.
In this season?
Here I am now being a big mouth.
In this season or last season?
Coming up.
Coming up.
I have--
Ask me about my cats.
OK, I will.
By the way, I still have those--
the art that they made for me.
It's in my dressing room.
I still have those.
It was really sweet.
Isn't that?
And they love you.
And they want to be on the show.
Well, then they should be here.
No, they're not allowed.
Why not?
All right, let's talk about the cats because you just started--
you joined Instagram, finally.
Welcome aboard.
Thank you.
Why did you decide--
Took me a while.
Why did you decide to start?
Because it's a lovely contact with people.
Yes, it is.
It's actually very direct.
And it's very-- and it's nice to show a little bit of your life.
And I just think it's a nice way to connect.
And there's some funny, funny things on there.
You're showing your cats.
You have two cats.
I'm that person that--
--shows my animal.
How-- what are their names?
Ginger and Snow.
I'm going to guess the white one's Snow.
That would be amazing.
All right, so Ginger and Snow.
They're sisters.
They're from the same litter.
So-- Anyways, [INAUDIBLE].
Wow, so--
I can't believe you're not showing the belly, though.
The one with her belly.
There's one with a belly?
[INAUDIBLE] her belly.
All right.
Which is the highest form of trust of an animal, right?
Come on.
That's a great picture, yes.
Is this cat gorgeous or what?
So is that all you post is your cats and--
No, it looks like--
Well, it seems like it.
I think you love animals.
Well, I do.
And you're supportive.
I don't even post that many cats.
That's more than I post.
All right, we're going to take a break.
I post fashion.
I post Keith every now and then.
And I post the tarantula.
Yes, the tarantula.
We'll talk-- we're going to take a break.
Oh, sorry.
I'm going to show the tarantula.
You-- your mouth--
your big, big mouth is going to--
I know.



Nicole Kidman Reveals Her Kids Have a 'Big Little Lies' Cameo

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