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What's up guys, Coach Madden, official trainer,
YouGoProBaseball.com and today I've got for

you three hitting drills you should never

Of course I wouldn't leave you hanging in
that way I want to just show you what you

shouldn't do but i'm going to offer you some
alternatives to these hitting drills then

I see done a lot which shouldn't be done and
then I'll give you a three alternatives; so

three good drills, 3 bad drills, 3 good drills.
Here we go, the first hitting drill you should
never do I saw this on Instagram the other

day, a guy was sitting down and had a tee
out here and he's just going he was actually

doing this rapid speed which is even worse
in my opinion but he was just here swinging

and hitting these balls like this.
Now I don't know if you can tell but my hands
were getting out and away from my body; it

seems like a good drill because I'm working
on my hands here but my hands when I'm sitting

like this, my hands are getting away from
my body and I'm really working on a bad swing,

bad hand path, bad arms everything is bad
in this drill.

So you never really want to do this drill.
An alternative to this is to set your hips
going forward a little bit okay get a little

bit closer to the tee and you want to promote
the correct hand path.

So now I'm going to be set up here I can get
a little bit loaded now I can get to a good

contact point.
When I'm sitting so far back like I was before,
getting out and around, I'm doing more harm

than I am good especially if I'm doing that
drill in rapid speed.

Now if we slow it down and go one ball at
a time I've got my hips turned in already

a little bit and now I could work on the proper
contact point so you got to find that good

spot which for me is going to be right about
here and then I'm just going to work on loading,

staying inside, and driving.
So similar drill we're just turning the hips
in a little bit working on a load and a good

contact point thinking about line drives.
The second hitting drill you should never
do I saw a couple times online and it's where

guys will drop that back knee all the way
down to the ground and then work on hitting

Now I get the idea behind this drill it's
to work on having that knee come down and

in because that's what you want to do in the
swing but it doesn't happen like that.

You don't just drop that knee and to get to
that position.

You want to drive that knee in.
So there's a big difference and this movement
is working on kind of collapsing and falling

when this movement is working on driving that
back knee in so here's the bad drill, I'm

gonna have to lower this down a little bit,
here's the hitting drill you should never

I'll show you again.
This drill is bad because you're changing
your I levels you're working on collapsing

your backside she's no good all around.
The alternative to this drills to really just
be conscious of your back knee and what it's

doing and think about driving it in okay really
driving that back knee so it should look like

this when we're swinging I drove that back
knee and I didn't collapse it.

Now when checking yourself after you swing
your head does want to be over your back knee

but I drove in to get there not collapsed.
And the third hitting drill you should never
do is swing off the Griffey tee.

I don't know if you guys remember the Griffey
tee but it was a elongated u-shaped at a downward

angle I don't have one here because I never
used it and you should never use it too if

you have one because in theory it's a good
idea because you want your hands coming down

like that to the ball but what happens is
we created create enough energy in your swing

you're going to get that lag and if you were
to use this device you'd be smashing into

the bars that it has all the time and you
would think that your swing is bad in fact

you would have a good swing so you never want
to do a hitting drill where you're swinging

down on that ball chopping down on that ball.
In fact I used to play baseball with Josh
Donaldson one of the best hitters in the game,

we went to Auburn University together, and
he says he never does a hitting drill that

doesn't promote a good swing plane, so obviously
the Griffey would not fall into this category

because we're chopping down at the ball.
A good swing plane means that we're getting
in the zone early and staying there for a

while getting through that baseball so we
always want to focus on having a good swing

plane no matter what hitting drill we're doing.
If you guys like this video please give me
a thumbs up.

If you're a coach that used one of these three
bad hitting drills and you think I'm a big

idiot, give me a thumbs down.
I know this video is going to be a little
controversial because there's a lot of I see

a lot of these drills being done out there
so if you if you got something to say in the

comments go ahead I'd love to talk to you
there I would just never do these three hitting

drills myself were with my guys they don't
make sense to me and that's what I try to

think of when I'm doing these things like
Donaldson says, you know every hitting drill

that you're doing should focus on swing plane
okay, should be really focusing on practicing

a good swing.
If you're working on drills that are what
you should be doing.

So leave a comment below let me know whether
you liked it or you hated it, let's talk a

little bit down there.
Of course if you haven't already hit that
subscribe button because I got a bunch more

videos coming real soon, some stuff that I
think you're really like so I'll talk to you

guys in the next video!


3 Hitting Drills You Should NEVER DO!

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