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  • Hey, what's up guys welcome to Fingtam languages. Today

  • We're gonna talk about something that I get questioned about all the time

  • Now before we get started, I know I'm gonna get a ton of hate for making this video

  • So if you think I'm being ridiculous for learning Esperanto

  • Feel free to leave me some hate down in the comment section below. You will not change my mind

  • Esperanto is a constructed language that was developed in the 1800s

  • And this video is gonna be three reasons why I'm learning Esperanto and why I think you should too. My first reason for learning Esperanto

  • Is that it will help you learn future languages. I'm gonna start this one off with a blanket statement

  • Esperanto is so much easier

  • Than any other language except for maybe Toki Pona The grammar rules in Esperanto are just very easy to follow and there are no

  • irregularities

  • Researchers have been studying this for many years and the results are clear one study found that if you study

  • Esperanto for only 20 hours

  • (Which if you're a nerd like me you can do that in a week.) If you learn Esperanto for only 20 hours

  • You'll learn as much language as if you were learning Spanish French Italian or German for 100 hours

  • Meaning you would be learning five times as much Esperanto per hour

  • Than if you were learning these other languages. Another study showed that among high school

  • students who wanted to learn French over a period of four years

  • Some students who learned Esperanto for one year and then learned French for the next three years learned French to a higher level

  • Than those who had been learning French for the whole four years

  • There's an easy comparison here between learning languages and learning music. If you've never learned a language before and you want to learn Mandarin Chinese

  • That's kind of like picking up a tuba for the first time.

  • There's a reason elementary schools start students off with learning the recorder before they start to learn how to play the tuba

  • It's because it's easier and it teaches you the basic principles for learning how to play music. In this example

  • Esperanto is like the recorder. Learning Esperanto is a low stakes low stress

  • Fun easy way of learning all the skills that you need to develop in order to learn how to learn languages

  • That's why a lot of polyglots recommend learning Esperanto for a short period of time to help you with your other languages

  • Even if you have no interest in continuing to master Esperanto. Of course, if you're a nerd like me

  • Then you're gonna have so much fun learning Esperanto that you won't want to stop

  • Just like how if you're a music nerd like me

  • You're gonna want to keep playing the recorder even after you graduate from third grade, which brings me really nicely into my next point

  • I'm learning Esperanto

  • Because it's fun. Dang it

  • If you've never learned Esperanto

  • You have no idea how motivating it is to study a language for a week or less and already be able to hold basic

  • Conversations with people. I started learning Esperanto the day it came out on duolingo and within that week

  • I was already finding people online to chat with in Esperanto and hold full-fledged conversations

  • Even if my Esperanto wasn't really great. That same week, Chuck Smith released videos on his YouTube channel of people who had been learning Esperanto

  • For 3 days and they were able to hold entire

  • conversations in

  • Esperanto interview style on his YouTube channel, if you're a language nerd like me, this is fun

  • It doesn't matter if you're never gonna take a vacation to Esperanto-land

  • It doesn't matter if you can't get an esperanto minor at college.

  • You learn it because it's enjoyable. When I was in high school

  • I used to spend hours a day playing

  • Halo and nobody thought that was weird, so no

  • I'm not gonna apologize to you for doing something I find enjoyable in my free time

  • If you don't think learning Esperanto is fun. Don't do it

  • But then you're gonna miss out on the opportunity to see what it's like to learn a language at blazingly fast

  • speeds. Now, as much as I find studying Esperanto to be fun

  • The really enjoyable thing about Esperanto is my third reason for learning the language and that is the Esperanto community

  • Whenever I tell people I'm learning Esperanto

  • One of the first objections I get from them is "But you'll never meet somebody who speaks it". This is false

  • I've met a ton of people who speak Esperanto through a variety of means the year is 2018 and we have this big

  • Beautiful place for meeting other people called the internet. There are dozens of apps and websites out there

  • Dedicated to helping you find other people that you can message and chat with online

  • I'm twitter friends with a bunch of other people that speak esperanto on twitter. There's also a thriving esperanto community here on youtube

  • I personally have a separate channel separate from this one where I speak only

  • Esperanto and people are on there commenting all the time

  • I've made a lot of Esperanto speaking friends just through them commenting on my YouTube channel

  • If you're not into online penpals, then physical Esperanto meetings are a real thing

  • There's worldwide congresses local meetups most big cities have Esperanto societies where local

  • Esperantists meet up once a week or once a month

  • There's a yearly meetup in North Carolina where people come from around the world to learn

  • Esperanto together when I was in Montreal this summer for a length fest. I ran into a ton of other Esperanto speakers there

  • There's also a free service called the passport the servo which is essentially couchsurfing for Esperanto speakers

  • I've used this service twice once in Canada and once in Ireland to get a free place to stay and

  • Practice my Esperanto with somebody all these reasons add up to why we say Esperanto has its own culture

  • There's also tons of music in Esperanto literature some originally written in Esperanto and others

  • Translated into Esperanto like La Hobito by JRR tolkien

  • There's also Esperanto TV shows in Esperanto movies one of which stars William Shatner before he was in Star Trek

  • Esperanto culture is vibrant and active and the Esperanto community has been growing larger and larger every day

  • Especially over the last few years since the development of Esperanto duolingo

  • It's an exciting time to be an Esperanto speaker

  • And all I can say is if you haven't considered

  • Trying it before learning Esperanto can give you a lot of reward for a lot less effort than your other languages

  • So thanks for watching the video and we'll see you guys next time

Hey, what's up guys welcome to Fingtam languages. Today


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