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Hey, I am Hilah. Today, I am going to show you how to make some bread homemade, and you
do not need a bread machine, and you do not need to spend 15 minutes kneading and getting
your arms all muscly and stuff. Screw that. This kind of bread you just throw it in the
bowl and you set it aside, and you don't have to mess with it. Then you have some wonderful,
crusty, homemade bread, and you can totally impress your in-laws. Do it!
[MUSIC] Okay, so I only need four things for this.
We need flour and yeast and salt and water. I am gonna start with three cups of flour
in my bowl. Oh, my God! I barely have enough. Talk about perfect planning. It's my middle
name. Okay, so I got that in there. I got the flour in. I am going to put in just a
quarter of a teaspoon of yeast. If you buy these little packets, they usually contain
like 2.5 teaspoons or so, so you have to just sort of cut it open and measure it, and check
the date on your yeast. You want to make sure it's not expired. Okay, and then one and a
half teaspoons of salt, and I got this recipe just straight off of the New York Times website.
I will post the link on there, and it talks a little bit more about like the science behind
this and why it works. But I can tell you what I remember, so I am gonna just mix this
up together. Combine, all right, now I am gonna put in
1 5/8 of a cup of water, and mix that around, and from what I remember, this article that
I read, maybe like a year ago is that you put in a whole lot of water, and then you
let it just sit by itself alone for 12 to 18 hours and excess water helps the gluten
develop without having to knead it, and then the extra-long rising time with just a little
bit of yeast, the yeast actually totally works because you're just giving a lot of time to
multiply and create gases and all that stuff. So, anyway, I am not a food scientist, but
it totally works, that's the important part. Okay, so it's all combined. Now, I am gonna
cover it and set it aside for 12-18 hours and just let it do its thing. So through the
power of movie magic I have here a bowl that I made yesterday that's been sitting for like
probably 14 hours now. I did put plastic wrap over this one underneath the moist, damp towel
just because I made a double batch yesterday and it was rising up really high and I didn't
want it to get all stuck to my towel. So you can use plastic wrap, but I would recommend
that you put a damp towel down or a damp towel over it just to keep it from drying out. So
I am gonna put just a little bit of flour on my counter. Flour emergency almost out,
and this is kind of a one-shot deal, so I am gonna show you. I am gonna punch it real
hard. It's gonna be cool. So that kind of knocks all the bubbles out. Scrape it out
of my bowl. It's very sticky and throw it on the counter. It's like that slime stuff
that Nickelodeon use to have. All right, I am just gonna knead I twice. It's just being
sort of folded over once, flip it around, fold it over again. That's all you got to
do, done. It's all the kneading that this requires.
So it feels like a jiggly butt. I am gonna put a little cornmeal down on a plate. You
can use oatbran, what else? Put it on the plate, cover it again, and set it aside for
another two hours to rise again. Done. See you in two hours. Okay, more movie magic,
fast forward two hours. Here we have the second rising of the dough, and I have my oven pre-heated
at 450, and I put my pan in there already, so it's really hot, and they get out of the
oven and put my, dang it, put my bread dough in my hot pot, and you'll need a pot with
a lid on it. Just has a lid that fits it .This blue cornmeal is making my bread look all
weird, and just sort of, oooh, it sizzles. Get my lid. Put it back in the oven for 30
minutes. Yikes! Okay, it's been 30 minutes. I am gonna get in here, take the lid off,
put it in for another 15 minutes, and then we'll have bread. Okay, it's been 15 more
minutes. I am gonna take it out of the oven and show you the golden deliciousness, and
when it's done it should have pulled away from the edges so you can just ploop, plop
it out like that. It's always best to wait a while, while your bread cools before you
cut it, but I am running late for this blogger's picnic so I am going to go ahead and cut it
now. Okay, so there we go. Delicious, hot, hot bread. It's beautiful risen and it looks
so good. All right, I am gonna finish cutting them out and take it to my blogger picnic,
but sign in for secret newsletter, get some secrets about me, and stuff, and go subscribe
to YouTube, leave me some comments on my website. Give me suggestions. I love suggestions. See
you later! Have a great day!


How To Make Bread - Easy Homemade Bread

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