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guess what I'm up the Duff I've got a
bun in the oven I'm expecting we're

having a baby
yep these are all ways that you might

say I'm pregnant
and everyone Anna English here and today

we're learning pregnancy vocabulary.
During my time of pregnancy I realised

that there are lots and lots of words
that are very specific to pregnant

people and before we discover all that
exciting pregnancy vocabulary I just

want to say a huge thank you to today's
sponsors Cambly. Now Cambly have a

very exciting new product which is aimed
specifically at young people, as in

children, and if you want to hear more
about that, if you have young people in

your life that you want to help to learn
English, then stay tuned till the very

end when I'm going to tell you a bit
more about that. So let's get started.

So the first thing you do if you think
that you are up the duff, if you think

you're expecting, if you think that you
are with child, mmm or that you have a

bun in the oven, then you will take a
pregnancy test. Once you've taken the

test and it comes back as positive

you're pregnant, hopefully you're very
happy about that, the next thing you'll

do is go to the doctors to find out
exactly when your baby is due to arrive.

Now the word due is used a lot when
talking about baby's expected arrival. So

the day when you are expected to give
birth to that child is your due date. So

throughout your pregnancy the medical
professionals will ask when is your due

date or when are you due, and as a
interested friend or family member you

might say "oh you're pregnant how
wonderful congratulations. When is the

baby due or when are you due?" meaning
when are you due to give birth and now

that you're pregnant you might refer to
yourself as a

mum-to-be. I'm a mum to be or if you are the
partner of someone who's pregnant you

might refer to yourself as a dad-to-be
or as a couple you could be parents-to-be

To be or not to be? That is the
question. Now your pregnancy will last

for approximately nine months this is
called the term so if your baby gets all

the way to nine months, 40 weeks
approximately then you are at full term

and your baby will hopefully be born
full-term. If your baby is born earlier

than 37 weeks of pregnancy then your
baby is preterm and then we refer to

that baby as premature. These nine months
are separated into three sections. We

have one to three months is the first
trimester. The first trimester. The time

when you are the most unwell probably.
Then we have the time when your bump,

your belly really expands and this is
the second trimester month four to

month six, the second trimester. Then you
have the very uncomfortable final

trimester which is referred to as the
third trimester which is month seven up

to month nine. The third trimester.
Throughout your pregnancy you are going

to suffer with a number of pregnancy
symptoms for example fatigue heartburn

cramps sleepless nights those types of
things but there are a couple of

symptoms that are very specific to

they are morning sickness and this is
the nausea that you experience

specifically in pregnancy. Morning
sickness, and stretch marks. Now stretch

marks are the scars and marks that you
get on your skin when your skin is

expanding with pregnancy. Stretch marks
can also be associated with rapid growth

or weight gain and as you're gaining
weight you are going to need to buy some

special clothes.
Now these clothes are referred to as

maternity wear, maternity wear. And you
can describe individual items like

maternity jeans and maternity bras
maternity leggings, maternity dress. Let's

now look at some very common medical
terms that you will hear throughout your

pregnancy. First off we have placenta, plancenta. The placenta is a very
important interface between baby and
mother it's where they attach to each

other. It's how the mother passes things
like oxygen and food and all the stuff

the baby needs from her through to the
baby and the placenta is attached to

the baby via the umbilical cord.
Umbilical, umbilical cord. Now the baby is

technically referred to as a foetus a
foetus which has a different spelling

between British and American this is the
British spelling a bit weird and the

very sensible American spelling. The baby
lives very comfortably inside the

woman's womb, womb, no b on the end. It's
a silent letter the womb or the uterus

the uterus and inside the womb they are
surrounded by amniotic fluid, amniotic

fluid, which keeps them safe, protected
from infections and protected from

getting bumps and bashes when mum bangs
her tummy into things because she's

clumsy. Now the opening to the womb which
allows the baby to come out eventually

is called the cervix, the cervix. And on a
very sad note if the pregnancy doesn't

continue, if something goes wrong and the
baby doesn't survive the pregnancy it's

called a miscarriage, a miscarriage. Now
throughout the pregnancy you will check

on your little one to make sure
everything is progressing well via a

scan you will have a scan. You can have a

scan or a 4d scan which is what we had
and it was amazing to see our little

baby's face all squishy and gorgeous. And
a couple of other events that you might

mark throughout your pregnancy are a
baby shower, which is a party to

celebrate a woman moving into motherhood,
I did do a video about baby showers I'll

put it in the description box below and
up here as well if you want to look at

it, and you may also go on a babymoon
which is a holiday that you have with

your partner to enjoy the time that you
have left before the baby comes and

turns your world upside down.
I had a babymoon in Italy, again I will

link that video down in the description
box below if you're interested in seeing

what I got up to on my babymoon.
Throughout your pregnancy you'll be

looked after by your doctor and by a
midwife a midwife is a medical

professional who specialises in looking
after pregnant women and going through

labor and childbirth with them. As well
some women also decide to have a doula.

doula is like a birthing coach, someone
who helps you through labor and through

childbirth now at the end of your
pregnancy you will be rewarded with a

beautiful baby a gorgeous little bundle
of joy just like little baby English

here. Isn't it cute? Of course I'm going
to say that I'm his mother I love him

absolutely adore him. As a new parent
it's very important to me that I can

provide my child with the best
opportunities in life especially when it

comes to education and that's why I was
very pleased to hear that Cambly have

created a new course especially for
children to learn English. Now this

course has been designed by the children
experts and is based on the u.s.

curriculum. Now the course lasts for 12
months but there are three options that

you can
take, you can either have two lessons a

week, five lessons a week or seven
lessons a week. Each lesson is 30 minutes

long so your child won't get bored and
they are online so it's convenient. And

your child can learn from the safety and
comfort of home and the lessons are also

recorded so you can revisit them over
and over again without having to pay any

extra and surprisingly these lessons are
the cheapest on the market but for some

added reassurance you also will get a 14
day money back guarantee so if you're

interested in your child learning
English then why not check out Cambly 's

course for kids by clicking on that
link in the description box just below.

What do you think Jacob? I just want to
say thank you so much for joining us I

do hope you found that helpful if you
have any other pregnancy related words

that you think I missed out then please
do put them in the comment section below.

Don't forget to give this a like,
subscribe click the notification bell

and I will see you next time. Bye!


Pregnancy Vocabulary - English Like A Native

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