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Look at him.
(upbeat music)
I think the song I enjoyed crafting the most in the documentary is Perfect.
That's my favorite song I've done.
I think it was the first song that I wrote for the album,
so I think it was just when I knew that the album was sort of done.
(upbeat music)
Yeah, well I think, I think, I think there're like loads.
Someone like Kendrick Lamar.
Drake's obviously doing very, very well.
I really like Taylor's album.
Ariana Grande just brought out that song God is A Woman
which is an amazing bit of pop music,
so every week you hear something that inspires you to be better, I think.
(upbeat music)
I don't really know 'cause I've only done two songs with her,
I've never really done any other studio time,
but I think, you know, I think she's quite a similar writer.
I think she writes from her own personal experiences
and tries to make the songs as honest as possible.
(upbeat music)
No, no I don't think,
don't think her cats have been to England.
Maybe they have, I don't know.
I can't fly with my cats anywhere,
'cause they just don't really like moving anywhere.
They're just home cats.
(upbeat music)
Sherry, but Sherry's actually here today
'cause she's got a couple of weeks off work.
So at the moment, my mom and dad have them.
(upbeat music)
There's an artist in England (laughs) called Labrinth that wrote a song called Jealous, and I love that.
(upbeat music)
I think you need a little bit of both.
I always song write whilst I'm on tour.
So I can have a balance.
(upbeat music)
I think writer's block doesn't exist
if you continually keep writing.
I think if you always write songs,
it doesn't matter how good or bad they are,
you just write them.
I think the only time I've experienced anything close to writer's block
is having, like, a long time off not writing.
And then it's kind of getting back into the swing of things.
So there's a songwriter called Max Martin
who I was with in Sweden recently,
and he wrote Everybody for Backstreet Boys.
And I went round his house
and he had a taco night on a Friday,
and he came up to me with the taco singing
♪ Taco Friday ♪
and I just sing that every now and then.
I keep telling him, like, someone like Taco Bell
should like approach him and use that song as a campaign.
Can you imagine that as like a huge Taco Bell campaign?
Every Friday is
♪ Taco Friday ♪
And it's like, you know, two for one tacos at Taco Bell.
You're welcome.
(upbeat music)
Do you know what, I always thought
I'd probably be Hufflepuff.
Sytherin's like pure pure-blood
and I'm kind of like mixed between Irish and English,
and Ravenclaw's very smart, Gryffindor's like really like
brave and (growls) and Hufflepuff's just kind of the one that isn't so...
I guess I'd be Hufflepuff.
(upbeat music)
I know what Game of Thrones fans
hope happened to my character.
I'm sure they think my character
got brutally, brutally murdered,
but I think my character is still out there.
I think he's chilling (laughs) like the cat.
Yeah, it was fun.
It was fun being in Game of Thrones,
but I definitely think they should've killed me off in the episode.
I reckon that probably would've been, like, the redemption of people who didn't like it.
(upbeat music)
Yeah, it's always like it's either
Goodfellas or Cool Runnings and I don't know which one.
They both do different things, don't they?
I think the movie I've seen the most is Goodfellas.
So probably Goodfellas.
(upbeat music)
I now view my tattoos as one tattoo
'cause it's just kind of one thing.
So, I just like my tattoo.
(upbeat music)
I always loved painting as a kid,
so I think I'd probably be something to do with art.
Yeah, something creative.
(upbeat music)
You have to be prepared for like five to six years of overnight success if that makes sense.
You have to like do loads of stuff
that no one notices at all,
and that's like five, six years minimum.
You have to like play gigs that no one listens to, write songs that everyone doesn't believe in, and just like just believe in yourself enough and then just never have a plan B.
Always think that you are gonna succeed
and eventually you are.
If you wish success into existence, basically, and just believe in yourself, and don't after six years be like "oh you know what I'm just gonna go and get a desk job or something."
If you wanna be a musician, be a musician.
Because you can always make a living being a musician.
So, these kittens are here today
through Best Friends Animal Society.
And it's kitten season right now,
so means there's loads of kittens that don't have homes.
And if they don't get homes, bad things happen to them.
So, please adopt cute kittens like these.
Bestfriends.org, go on it, find yourself a kitten.
Maybe don't even get a kitten,
maybe get an older cat that needs a bit of love as well
'cause all cats need love.
(upbeat music)



【癒される】エド・シーランが子猫と遊びながらファンからの質問に答える(Ed Sheeran Plays With Kittens While Answering Fan Questions)

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