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  • Some people just get high to numb themselves so they won't feel certain things.

  • When you get to a certain point of intoxication, you're unable to operate, like your motor

  • skills become very out of pocket.

  • CBMIX is the producer of the beat.

  • He also recorded me and engineered it.

  • Very talented producer.

  • He's done a lot of stuff for Pump.

  • Friend of mine.

  • From time to time, we lock in and have our studio sessions.

  • You know, it's just one of the things that spawned out of one of our sessions.

  • Then later on, Uzi heard it.

  • He wanted to hop on it, made his verse really quickly.

  • Very, very, very hard verse.

  • The rawest thing he said

  • He said something like, “Tats in the middle of my head like I'm Avatar."

  • "That is the reason I ride on my Appas.”

  • That's hard.

  • 'Cause Avatar the Last Airbender rode on Appa.

  • That was like the flying bison.

  • And he uses that as saying opp as in like an opponent, like the opposition.

  • And like catching them when they're off guard.

  • So like the way that he tied that shit together was hard.

  • WhenWastedfirst came to my head, obviously I was thinking about being fucked up.

  • And then also the GTA thing.

  • One of my favorite games coming up playing, I used to sneak and play Vice City and San

  • Andreas all the time.

  • So I was just kind of tying different things in, macking to the same concept.

  • I believe that I don't have any type of patience.

  • So that's why I kinda used the line, “I'm a doctor,” meaning I have drugs but I don't

  • have patience.

  • So I guess to certain people getting close to Satan is like the bees knees nowadays,

  • like a fashion trend.

  • Like, “Hey let's cut ourselves and make pentagrams out of the blood.”

  • Whatever the fuck people do.

  • Just keep that shit away from me man.

  • That shit's weird.

  • Fucking weirdos.

  • I feel like when you get so high, some people get so high, they're just in a different place.

  • And I just compared that to being in the Matrix and for people that don't know what the

  • Matrix is, you're uncultured.

  • Being like the pretty face of something dark that's stirring behind it.

  • So Pocahontas masked the Medusa.

  • Very dangerous.

  • It's not recommended at all.

  • That's not how they're meant to be taken.

  • They're not meant to taken at all.

  • It's like I die at the end of the story and then it's like, it happens all the time

  • so it's just another funeral.

  • Same vices, addictions, lust.

  • Shit like that.

  • I believe that my biggest demon is laziness.

  • It's what I struggle with the most but since I know what it is, it's up to me to change it.

  • One cup on me, that means I'm not sharing shit.

  • It's just myself.

  • I don't got nobody to share it with.

  • I have a lot of associates but I don't consider a lot of them friends just due to different situations.

  • That was something I used to tie it back into the original concept.

  • Waste itversuswastedis just like a play on words.

  • It's like kind of like a clever ending to the song.

Some people just get high to numb themselves so they won't feel certain things.


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Juice WRLD「Wasted」公式歌詞&意味 (Juice WRLD "Wasted" Official Lyrics & Meaning)

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