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  • As a quick sidetrack, I want to talk about BCAAs a bit more after naming it in my previous

  • video as one of the three supplements not worth your money.

  • Proponents of BCAAs have claimed that it's still important in two situations: 1, when

  • you're in a calorie deficit, and 2, when you're fasting.

  • And frankly, the claims make sense on the surface.

  • BCAAs do promote muscle protein synthesis through the mTor pathway and they do have

  • preservative and recovery effects while containing very few calories.

  • All important factors for a cut or fast.

  • But it doesn't always translate into real world results.

  • One study in 2016 did report some effect.

  • They found that going on a calorie restricted diet while consuming BCAAs help maintain lean

  • mass and burn fat, while consuming a carby sports drink resulted in loss of lean mass.

  • But if we take a closer look at the study, we'll see that the BCAA group lost on average,

  • only .05 kg, or 0.11 pounds of fat mass in a span of 8 weeks.

  • Not exactly amazing results by any stretch and definitely cannot rule out chance.

  • The abstract also surprisingly omitted the amount of fat loss observed in the carb group.

  • When we look into the study, we see that the carbohydrate group loss significantly more

  • body fat.

  • Even more surprising is that they denoted the BCAA group was the one to lose any statistically

  • significant body fat, giving the reason that it's based on relative loss.

  • You be the judge.

  • Digging further, we'll see that some carb subjects actually GAINED fat mass, which doesn't

  • make any sense if they were truly on a cut.

  • Resting metabolic rate also DROPPED by 400 calories in the BCAA group, which goes against

  • even the authors' understanding of greater lean mass is supposed to mean a higher resting

  • metabolic rate.

  • It just doesn't add up.

  • But possibly the most glaring issue, as I reported in my previous video, is conflict

  • of interest.

  • This study was conveniently funded by Scivation Incorporated, a company that rose to fame

  • for their

  • BCAA products.

  • Other than this study, there's not much else that reports any benefit to taking BCAAs

  • with calorie restriction.

  • The same thing applies to fasting.

  • Protein-matched benefits wfor muscle preservation isn't there.

  • If anything, studies show that you should supplement with whey instead since it's

  • much better at maintaining elevated muscle protein synthesis than the most potent BCAA,

  • leucine.

  • Additionally, research shows that there wouldn't be a difference in body composition regardless

  • of you training fasted or fed as long as you get enough protein for the day.

  • Not to mention that BCAAs insulinogenic and contains claories, which will kcik you out

  • of your fast.

  • Also, some people say that BCAA is great for a quick boost of energy when fasting.

  • My argument to that: carbs are even better.

  • But the fact is, the only studies showing BCAA supplementation benefits always come

  • down to what they're comparing to.

  • Universally, you WILL find positive effects when comparing BCAAs to a placebo that has

  • no protein in it.

  • However, BCAAs alone almost always loses out to a complete protein supplement like whey.

  • It comes down to this: What's the point of taking BCAAs when something like whey is

  • not only less expensive, but also contains the BCAAs you need AND has all the other essential

  • amino acids that are important to actually building muscle, not just stimulating it?

  • Right now, of any integrity, I possibly cannot recommend taking BCAAs when it's less effective

  • than total protein consumption.

  • wAnd it always seems to come back to that.

  • Just eat enough protein.

  • But if this video is still not convincing enough, then by all means, do you.

  • So now, let's leave the question to you guys: Are BCAAs still worth taking?

  • Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • As always, thank you for watching!

As a quick sidetrack, I want to talk about BCAAs a bit more after naming it in my previous


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BCAAs - 断食やカットのために? (BCAAs - For Fasting or Cutting?)

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