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Eat Sleep Dreamers I'm a firm believer that you can learn English anytime anywhere. I
always tell my students keep your head up and your eyes open and you can find great
English everywhere you look. So today I thought I'd take you around London and we can find
examples of great English around the city. So if you are up for it, let's do it!
Alright Eat Sleep Dreamers we've found our first example. This is a hair product, there's
a couple of really nice phrases in here. The first one I want to look at is 'the big smoke'.
Now the big smoke is an informal phrase to mean a city. So we call London the big smoke,
you can call any city the big smoke to be honest. Another nice phrase we've got here
is 'ta-da'. So when you are revealing something to someone maybe in a dramatic way you'll
go 'ta-da'. So a magician might say it or let's say you've got a nice new dress and
you are wearing it and you show your partner you go ta-da then we'll use it. It's a nice
little expression. Alright so as you can see, a couple of really nice phrases just from
one advert. Amazing, alright let's go find another one.
Ok, I've just found another example. There's a film here called Downsizing. The verb to
downsize means to reduce in size. So often if someone lives in a big house and then they
want to move to a smaller house then they downsize. They get a smaller house. You could
also think about a company downsizing. So reducing the number of staff members. So yeah
it's quite a useful little verb. This of course is a noun, downsizing, the noun but yeah you've
got a film with great vocabulary.
So I'm walking along Carnaby street which is one of London's most famous shopping streets
and I'm just looking around to see if I can find any great vocabulary or useful phrases
like anywhere in the shops. Often the shop windows will have phrases on them or the shops
themselves have interesting names. So yeah just keeping an eye out.
So I've just seen this sign that says Birchbox pop-up. A pop-up is a shop that's very temporary.
So maybe a company will rent a space on a street for a couple of months and they'll
put the shop in there and it's only a temporary rent. It's there and then it's gone. So as
soon as it's there, it's there for a month or a couple of weeks and then it's gone. So
you have to be quick. So it's a pop-up. And this is, this is some kind of makeup pop-up
or something, I don't know. Anyway, a pop-up shop.
Alright so I'm standing outside a card shop and I've had a look at some of the cards.
And cards have amazing English on them. So the one I picked out there was troll. It's
a noun and it means someone on the internet who deliberately tries to annoy other people
to get them angry. To say mean things, stuff like that. So you'll see it in the YouTube
comments or something. People being mean, they are trolls. They are trying to get a
reaction out of other people. So even on cards you can get amazing English. Alright we'e
got a shop right here in Carnaby street. To skinny dip. Now skinny dip is a verb, it means
to go swimming without any clothes on. So it's a little cheeky shop name but I quite
like it. To skinny dip. So it's a verb to skinny dip. I think commonly you might use
it as a noun skinny dipping and then use the verb to go. So for example 'On the last night
of the holiday, we went skinny dipping.' It means we went swimming without our clothes
on. Alright!
Guys I've had to come and stand in the doorway of a shop because it's absolutely pouring
out there. A storm has suddenly come in. I was looking around for English and now I've
had to hide. But this is London right? You walk around London, you kind of expect the
weather to change. It's kind of crazy out there.
Alright Eat Sleep Dreamers, I'm braving the rain just for you so we can carry on finding
some more English. But only for you, ok? I wish I'd brought my umbrella. Always bring
your umbrella. Now I know that a lot of you are thinking well look Tom I don't live in
an English speaking place so there isn't English everywhere that I look and that's absolutely
right. I know that a lot of you do live in English speaking countries like in the UK
or in America or Canada or Australia. So yeah keep your eyes open. I know that in Hong Kong
when I lived there, there was loads of English everywhere that I looked. In Singapore the
same thing. What I think you guys can do that don't live in an English speaking country
is to do exactly what Korean Billy suggested in one of my videos. Start from where you
are. Right, so look around you. What can you see and what's that in English? So for example
I just walked past this. What's that in English? It's a puddle, ok a puddle. It's a noun, puddle.
Ok, so look around you, what can you see? What's it in English? How can you translate
it into English? So start from where you are, look around you and that's where you can begin.
Alright let's quickly dive into Pret A Manger, it's a place we can get food and let's just
see what interesting vocabulary we can find. Alright, so here I've found something called
an avo smoothie. Avo is short for avocado, so it's the shortened form and a smoothie
is a drink that kind of made up of fruits and juices and vegetables all sort of crushed
together with milk and blended together. Very healthy. Alright guys I hope you enjoyed that
little tour around London searching for great examples of English. I think we found some
pretty good ones. So what i want you guys to do is keep your heads up, keep your eyes
open and keep searching for great great English. So whether that's around your city or online,
doesn't matter just keep searching for great English. Alright guys, this is Tom, the Chief
Dreamer, saying goodbye.



どこでも英語を学べる!英語を探しにロンドンを探索! (Learn English ANYWHERE)

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