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What's happenin'?
What's happenin' with you?
Ah, just chillin'.
Mr. Oscar Winner, congratulations, you
won an Oscar!
Oh, thank you, thank you--
--thank you.
You're like an overachiever.
That's crazy.
I mean, it is amazing.
I mean, that's-- that's--
Thank you.
Now what're you gonna go after?
Uh, you know, just tryin' not to get on my wife's nerves at home
too much.
I see, yeah.
You know, tryin' to stay busy.
Tryin' to stay busy, that's what it is, yeah.
So you turned 40 recently, right?
What did you do?
Well, so, you know, I like working.
You like working, too.
We love working, and so I thought
I was flying down to LA from Orange County
to do some work on a show.
I show up to the airport, my wife's there,
our three daughters are there, the dog's there.
[audience laughing]
And I'm lookin' at them like, what're you guys doin' here?
They said, we're going to Mexico!
And I'm like, oh, well, have fun.
[audience laughing]
No, idiot, you're comin' too!
We're like, we're surprising you with a trip to Mexico!
I was like, oh, awesome, cool.
So you went--
So I was pleasantly kidnapped for my birthday.
Oh, that's--
[audience laughing]
It was awesome.
That's wonderful.
You had a good time?
I did have a good time.
Are you able to-- some people don't like their birthdays,
but you enjoy it?
No, I enjoyed it.
I mean, you know, just hanging out with the kids.
Is it-- is it easy for you to sit still and relax?
You said you like to work, but a lot of times people
like us don't know what to do on vacation.
Yeah, if I sit still for too long I go a little crazy.
All right, so the--
LeBron James is now with the Lakers.
Rumors were that you were gonna come out of retirement
and play with him on the team.
Yeah, I heard that.
[audience laughing]
I actually heard that when I was in Mexico for my birthday.
"Kobe's training like crazy," I'm sayin', boy,
I'm sittin' back with a margarita.
What you talkin' about?
[audience laughing]
I don't know what kinda training y'all talkin' about.
That's not true.
God, no.
No, never.
Not a chance.
You're done.
Zip, zero.
How often do you play basketball now?
I don't.
My daughter plays--
I know you coach her, right?
--yeah, my 12-year-old plays.
Yeah, I coach her, and so, you know, she does all the playin'.
And she tells you, she'll-- if like,
she was here she'd tell you.
She'd go, yeah I'mma be a better basketball player than my dad.
I'm doin' it.
Well, she's good, she's really good.
I mean--
Yeah, she works.
That would be-- first of all--
She's really physical, too.
I'm like, man--
Look at her.
Yeah, so what's it like--
[Kobe laughing]
--that you're coaching her?
Isn't that unfair that you--
I mean, come on.
Like, that's like, really aggressive.
But isn't that unfair that you're coaching your daughter?
Like, what about--
No, I mean, I think like, when we play opposing teams and--
That's what I mean.
--the coach comes up to me and he's like,
hey, take it easy on us.
I'm like, dude, I'm not out there shootin' jump shots.
I can't control what these 12-year-olds do to you, man.
But you're giving them the-- all the tricks of--
No, I am.
I am.
So I started working with them a year ago,
and you have the same group of girls,
and we just work every single day.
Like, they have goals of going to go play
at major universities, and they're really driven about it.
I say, listen, I can help you get there.
And we just work on all the little details
and they're really good, really, really smart,
and very competitive.
God, what lucky little girls.
Can you imagine that Kobe Bryant is your coach?
That-- that's amazing--
But hey, we practice every day, though.
We practice every day, two hours.
Yeah, well that's how you get there.
Right, that's what I say.
Some parents are like, wait, you're practicing every day?
Shouldn't they have a normal life?
Yeah, I mean, it's kinda-- it's normal to me.
[audience laughing]
Yeah, yeah.
They'll be thanking 'em when those kids
buy 'em a house someday.
[audience laughing]
There you go.
They're gonna to be thanking you.



Kobe Bryant Addresses Rumors of a Return to the L.A. Lakers

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