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Dom: I finally moved out last summer
Guy: Wait a minute Dom 20...2017, 2016 so you were.. 25 when you moved out??
Dom: Yeah, I'm sorry. I couldn't move out in college, okay?I was broke, my parents were like
Momma Dom: "Oh? you want to move out, huh? No, that's too expensive."
You could just commute two hours both ways ebrey (every) day.
Momma Dom: Yes.
Dom: But that's like four hours every day?!
Dom: And yeah, They were right.
On average, a decent apartment downtown was about $550 to $600 a month.
A Go Bus monthly pass was about $80.
I mean yeah, I saved a couple hundred dollars a month.
But waking up at 5:00 a.m., just to make sure I'm in time for an 8:00 a.m.
class that I fall asleep in because I only got three hours of rest....
Not really worth it in my opinion.
And that is why you should try to make friends in college. (Unlike Dom)
Because one of them is bound to have a place you can crash at when you have to build a 1 to 20 scale model
of your architectural design and don't want to risk some random dude on the bus
OBLITERATING IT because he didn't realize that his backpack was also a wrecking ball.
Bird Dom: Anyway, I left the nest. Pretty big milestone in my life.
I really didn't have an emergency to move,
I mean, some people really want their independence early,
and some people want to save money by staying with their parents,
some people simply get kicked out.
I won't judge. Living away can be pretty expensive.
I was comfortable at home, but I knew I was capable of taking care of myself.
I just thought it was finally time. (to leave my poor parents alone)
My parents really pushed for not moving out and having to rent a place.
But to just save up and put a good downpayment to actually own one.
And I'm pretty glad I saved up and waited.
However I think the move wasn't as dramatic as it should have been,
since my place is only like a 20 minute drive from my parents.
But I still have my freedom.
The actual move itself, though, was a pain.
I like to think I didn't own that much,
but you really don't know how much you actually have
until you try to Tetris it into a U-Haul truck.
The place I picked out is a pretty nice condo
with a downtown area of my
suburban city.
I went through a good amount of listings before deciding because a lot didn't have the right room layout
I wanted some didn't allow pets some had an amazing view of the dumpsters in the alley (wow, Dom.)
I know many people are pretty restricted when it comes to choosing a place, but this was my first owned home.
I saved up.$$$
Imma get what I want! The previous owner, we'll call him dude WHAT THE HELL, renovated the place before selling it,
so it pretty much looked like an IKEA model house.
And I know this because when I went to Ikea to shop for furniture. I noticed some decorations and shelves that dude WHAT THE HELL left behind when he moved out, but speaking of shelves?
I don't think DUDE WHAT THE HELL knew how to assemble and mount the shelves or at least whoever he hired didn't.
There was the shelf in the bedroom that I specifically asked DUDE WHAT THE HELL to dismount before the closing date.
It looked nice with the furniture he had, but I knew it wouldn't match mine,
but when I moved in what do I find? THE DAMN SHELVES!
I was already kind of annoyed by DUDE WHAT THE HELL because he extended the closing date of the condo and was already late with moving out.
So I just decided to make the best of it and just use the shelf until I decided to dismount it myself
One day,
I decided to put a paper flower basket on top of the shelf and then in the middle of the night while I was sleeping,
I just hear this loud THUD that woke me up in a slight panic
I find the basket and one of the shelf pieces on the floor. I was too tired to deal with it, so I went back to bed
Totally could have been a murderer that knocked it over, but Nala (dog) wasn't barking at anything
so I trusted that I was safe. The next day I try to figure out why it fell I discovered that the shelf piece...
wasn't even nailed or screwed on to the support piece that was attached to the wall. In fact it was simply glued on
judging by the ripped paint and no screw holes. So I decided to press lightly on the other shelf piece that was still attached.
Didn't stay that way very long. The piece became loose as well and eventually detached so I was left with this support piece that just
looked like a total eyesore. I decided screw the shelf!
Figuratively, I want it gone. I tried looking for screw holes to figure out how I could dismount this off the wall;
I couldn't find any. Tried to pull the piece off the wall...
and then I realized, the whole thing was glued on! So I was left with this dumb ass block of wood
stuck on the wall because I didn't want to ruin the paint and drywall underneath it. A couple of days later
I go to Ikea to look for a desk. Passed by the shelving area and Lo and Behold
I discovered the same damn shelf DUDE WHAT THE HELL installed on the wall
Or should I say the same two shelves apparently the pieces that were assembled together
don't even belong to the same build. The smaller pieces are meant to be hooked onto screws in a wall
and the big piece is supposed to be mounted onto a protruding bracket that inserts into it.
Dude, what the hell!?! You'd think that the moment you took out the glue you should have realized that something was off and that you
have veered away from the instructions intended for the shelf!
I got a hunch that they actually knew how it was meant to be done
but were just too lazy to drill because later on I decided to mount a TV on the same wall in my room, and
the wall is Concrete, and I don't know if you guys ever tried drilling into concrete, but it can be really annoying and yes
I used a hammer drill with a proper drill bit so I think whoever mounted the shelf just couldn't be bothered with drilling and just
decided to glue it on. Definetly can't do that with a TV. Nevertheless
I do like my place overall. Great view of the city, convenient distance to nearby shops and my neighbours are
...great? I know that's a lie, my neighbours aren't the most desirable of people, one specifically has caused my roommates
and I much trouble but that's a story for another day.
Might be a little bit inappropriate, but I'll tell you guys about it sometime.
Far Away Dom: My neighbour's a prostitute
My advice is you don't really have to rush trying to move out. Unless it's really
toxic at home, and you really need to get away from your family,
or you murdered someone *BEEP* or you have work or school obligations
that would be more beneficial if you moved out, but if your parents will let you stay home
*lip smack* save your rent money! Enjoy the homemade cooking while you still can.
Not going to lie. This was really just a complain about the glued shelf.
subtitles by: Diehard Domic fans
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Moving Out

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