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審査済み この字幕は審査済みです
  • (Behind the Design, Starbucks Logo)


  • The design of this logo began in Seattle in 1971, with three university friends who really liked coffee.

    このロゴは 1971 年にシアトルで始まりました。コーヒー好きの大学生友人 3 人がデザインしました。

  • They also really liked the Herman Melville novel, "Moby Dick".


  • So much so, they decided to name their company after Captain Ahab's ship.


  • But branding exec. Terry Heckler decided Pequod coffee didn't sound quite right.


  • So they went with the name of the first-mate: Starbuck.


  • Heckler then trawled through maritime books and found a 15th-century woodcut of a two-tailed siren.

    その後、へクラーはたくさんの海に関する本を読んでいる時に、15 世紀の 2 本の尻尾を持つセイレーンの木版画を発見。

  • Instead of luring sailors onto the rocks, this mythical mermaid would call people to come and grab a cup of coffee.


  • Initially, her chest was bare, but after some complaints, Heckler redrew the design with long hair that covered her body.


  • The logo also went from brown to green, a symbol of freshness and growth.


  • In 2011, the Starbucks siren was redesigned with rounder details.

    鼻の影もちょっと長くなりました。2011 年、スターバックスのセイレーンが再デザインされ、今回は丸く、右側の

  • A longer shadow was also introduced on the right side of her nose⏤a small element of asymmetry, which made her feel more human.


  • She can be spotted in 76 countries and markets, helping Starbucks to reach a brand value of more than 8.7 billion dollars.

    彼女は 76 の国とエリアで目にすることができ、スターバックスのブランド価値が 8.7 億ドルを超えるのに一役買っています。

  • Bold and alluringthis is the design that started with a myth and became a coffee legend.


(Behind the Design, Starbucks Logo)


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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