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Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier
and welcome back to Oxygen Not Included.
Now we're joining our family once again.
Yvette, Josie, Lenny, Gus, and Max.
And Max might be my favorite
but I hope he doesn't tell anybody else about that.
But I don't think favorites are gonna
matter, because we might all be dead very soon.
There is poisonous oxygen gas
seeping in throughout our entire base.
They're frozen in stasis here don't mind.
But not only that, we're also not
producing enough of our own oxygen
and there's a food shortage.
And I don't know where these mealworms
are going to come through but um...
Yeah, it's not going to be very good for us.
But i'm not going to give up!
Ohana means family and you don't give up
on your family! So I'm gonna persevere and
I'm going to try to make sure these guys
Sorry Yvette you were kind of a newcomer
and we don't have a bed for you just yet.
But either way, we've got a new night cycle
to get through this and to
discover what we're exactly gonna to do here.
And i'm pretty sure they're all choking on
the contaminated oxygen which has gotten
very far down here so we may have to dig this way.
But there's poisonous chlorine gas over there
that's going to definitely kill us if we
go over there. So there's gotta be a way.
We have to go up. And I just discovered that
you can actually build a ladder up.
Which I did not know before but I'm gonna
build the ladder right there.
I don't know how I'm gonna build this.
Well once you build the ladder it won't be
so unreachable now will it
Ok. So hopefully they're going to do that
and I'll put these up to priority nine.
Just saying they need to do something because we
gotta get out of here cuz' if we can't
survive the gas here
then we're gonna have a problem.
Oh my god! That is just...Oh my god!
How the hell did that happen?!
That was just over one night!
Jesus! That's not good.
I don't even know how we're going to be able to...
I don't have enough obsidian. Dammit. I thought
we did. Jeez, this is going bad for us but
we're not going to give up. I'm not gonna
give up on my boys because I know
that they're worth it.
They're definitely... Okay we do. Ok I could've
sworn that we got obsidian out of there.
So if they build those and then they
climb up here and then they dig a new
way through here... There's vacuum there but there
is oxygen down here. Not a lot. There's
not a lot of Oxylite left but probably
because the whole place is saturated but
if we dig through here this could be a new home for us.
And then we've... got we got algae
there that we could definitely use and
hopefully with that will be able to
continue upwards spread the good oxygen
that way and then I don't know these
guys were just wallowing in the horridness
they're hungry
it's going to be like the last bit that
we can possibly eat everyone's gonna be dead
how many much why is it so much
contaminated oxygen i think what happens
is it it just it poisons everything it
there's no no way to get out of it it just
converts all the other oxygen into
poisonous gas and frankly this was doing me
A favor but that that storage
compactors if bad news and they're not
doing well but I know my boys are going
to survive i know this for a fact
so what we're going to do they just all
got a meal so we're going to deconstruct
everything we've got to start over
I'm sorry guys this is the way that's
got to be we gotta move we gotta go if
we're going to survive we gotta go
somewhere we've never been before
so how about you guys they're all
getting poisoned don't think that's why
not good max come on you're my favorite
sure they're gonna be doing that stuff
and hopefully we can get out of here you
get max it's not looking too good
I don't know I'm actually spreading the
floors everywhere but i'm pretty sure
that means he's sick so are back
no oxygen these that come on guys get up
there go there please go there you can
do it you can survive all right max get
out of air max what are you doing
thanksgiving old Mac and Diego forgot
okay so max needs to build something
good god that contaminated oxygen spread
how did you do this why doesn't
contaminate absolutely everything that
touches man
ok so i gotta build something up there
we got to get new beds at least we can
do that remember maybe a bad start out
here they got the rest of these things
build more beds i guess he gets doing
all their getting supplies like you
brave going into the contaminated oxygen
like that okay we gotta live a big area
that we're going to build out and then
at least I know how to build ladders
mathematically alright so what we're
going to do is we're going to wal this
oh no we can't contribute materials okay
well be the gases spread pretty far but
it's pretty thin per square meter so i
think it's going to be okay i care about
these guys want to be alright
they're gonna be on it
it's going to make sure the beginning
home just got to make sure okay he's
alright looking good looking good guys
looking good just watch out for the
horrors that await you over there and
there's oxygen up there I'm assuming
Oh, mealwood. OK.
Ah shit carbon dioxide. CARBON DIOXIDE.
oh no no no no don't do that no hang out
wait what just happened why did that
happen probably right here at the
doorway opened that's going to work out
better without provide a little bit of
oxygen and also offset the little bit of
the up
ok that's gonna help it's going to
offset the carbon dioxide because that's
great that's building up a lot and I
want all these to be prior to nine
all right we should have some algae over
here that will be able to help out man
at least at least the toxic gas isn't
absolutely killing and got to get to
oxygen i know i know it's bad i know
it's bad i know it's real bad the
situation is about as bad as it could
possibly get you guys can do it you
divide you do this maybe probably not
believe those are going to get some
algae because i know that we got some
algae here well narcoleptic Joe just
passed out
Josie it's ok you are who you are boy he
is getting tired
yes that's what we're looking for we're
looking for them to start producing
oxygen and get rid of the carbon dioxide
because that's what's killing us all
right now let's go
LG for that 20 g all come on sleeping
it's really not the best bet right now
hopefully avoid well least they're not
dead man I if it's really everyone else
is doing wonderfully
it's just letting that field strength I
don't know why
yeah but your vet keeps having to get up
in the middle of the night to free kinda
hard to believe but I think we're going
we can actually turning this around it
looks dire it looks really dire got it
forgot to build a wire down to build
that right
doing good there we're going to build a
ladder straight to the moon and
eventually we're going to build a ladder
straight up but can you build through
rock for the ladder that would be super
cool huh
I can't believe it because pushing the
the poison is contaminated oxygen over
yeesh I knew I shouldn't have killed off
this is definitely my punishment i know
that for a fact
ye so they're doing okay so things
aren't the worst they've ever been there
pretty bad but a lot of the contaminated
gas is being pushed out i mean there's
still a lot of it and these are dealing
with the carbon dioxide as they can but
we don't have algae we need grow pods
for just algae and I'm thinking that I
could probably use this storage because
for some reason there's a little pocket
of oxygen in here but it's like I build
planter box we're still out of food I
just forgot about that
ok so there is mealwood there fuck I
got rid of the planter
oh man I don't even know if that's ready
to harvest
and we gotta build okay i know it's not
I know it's not fun but we gotta build
those odd dirt the dirt literally the
dirt we gotta build that all right look
serious we gotta huh
I'm not going to let him starve but
we're out of food so that meanzzz we gotta
do we gotta do and that means we gotta
make mush
we gotta make mush bars we've got to
make a lot a' mush bars and it's gonna
cause a lot of diarrhea we don't have
access to water
I just remember that all right well
we're going to be constructed this wall
here and then they're going to have
access to water and then they're going
to go through that and do that and that
thing is still going to make more
contaminated oxygen
I cannot believe how much that swine
produces that is unbelievable
oh no i didn't need to do that god damn
it i didn't need to do that I need to
block that off again I don't want them
to be blocked off there though
dammit dammit oh boy oh boy oh boy oh
boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh I'll block
yourself and there are you fucking still
Mac are go over there
stop being there go over there okay now
build a goddamn wall and then build a
ladder straight down to the water which
I don't know why I didn't even think
about that i also put it in the wrong
woah! god damn it my fucking LIGHT
Why's everything fighting me?!
OK! I know this has been a little crazy and I'm
not too happy about the way things have
god dammit close the wall now guys you
had that just you fucking at guts move
your ass move your ass
get out of there you son of a bitch just
build it
max come back fucking fell dead back
stop taking a shit and go build it I
know you're hungry i know you are you
okay there we go it's fucking wait know
what just building
why are you cleaning the toilet right
now fucking build--no!
Build it! BUILD IT!
Are you fucking kidding me! Build the goddamn wall! I can't
believe this. I cannooooooot believe this
oohmygod ohmygod just build the wall build the wall
buildthb NOOO oh my god oh my
Just build a fucking wall,
build a fucking wall, build a
fucking wall. Build it. Fucking build it.
SOMEONE come build it!
You better not be building that.
Yvette you fucking idiot!
What are you doing?
What are you guys doing?
Gus, STOP!
What are you doing, you FUCKing idiots.
Just fucking build the fucking wall.
No don't cancel it goddamn it.
No, don't. Don't. Stop.
Max get out of there.
Just build it. Build it.
There we go. FINALLY!
Goddamn it finally, Yvette.
Oh and I know everyone is stressed 'cause
they're just eating mush bars.
Like I know that for a fact.
AH-YA-yoi-ya- I'm not happy.
I'm not happy with my children right now.
Not happy with it.
I don't like it.
I don't wanna like it. I'm not GONNA like it.
ah-yai-yoi-yoi-ya-ya-yoi. OKAY. like okay it looks like the
breathing situation is doing a little
bit better up there with some kinda
it is nice it is nice yeah i know one of
your body smells real bad okay so now
that we have that little family turmoil
oh god let's bring a new family member
in here
Olive quick learner mole hands nite owl
and amount
breather so she makes she takes up more
oxygen but she seems that a lot of
really great skills i'm gonna bring an
olive olive please help us please help
olive please I know we're in bad
situations where another bad situation
but we can't let that bring us down we
have to be but it was just going to push
contaminated oxygen towards this with
you maybe not maybe it's not going to
act like a filter like this water is a
natural filter
ok so we're doing better here we've got
a pass up this way
so what we gotta do is we got to harvest
all this algae we need good stuff here
mrs. clay which is cultivating the soil
and that's nice but we can also do
yeah I know I know it's bad everyone
stress especially Lenny I get it even
Olive is stressed and she just got here
I get it I can forgive you that all of
you please guide these people you're a
natural leader
you can do the Olive I believe in you
you and me together we're gonna get
through this i know we can I know we can
and max I know you try you still my
favorite you've got us through a little
more for me please i need to make it
okay so we need up that's what we need
to convert slime into algae we need a
bio distiller ah so we need to research
population so we gotta get a research
back up and ready to go which means we
gotta put it over here it's going to be
good okay we're gonna put it over here
so we need a new power generator right
we're going to get a new battery right
there we're going to get two batteries
we're going to really keep this piece
that system up someone's going to be
running on that a whole lot of whole
lotta so now that we got that we're
going to need stations we're going to
need a research station
we're gonna need to research station
because that's kind of people we are
you given up i'm giving up on my family
and they're not going to give up on me
probably could because if they give up
that means they're dead that's okay so
we're gonna need a medical cot too, we're gonna
put that right over there right there
right we got it
push bar bad i know they suck but we can
deal with it damaged our beds up here
Jesus and you get to construct these
beds i guess now I get to sleep wherever
they want to sleep even if they breathe
contaminated air right come on you
peaceful bastards wake up we got work to
get a move on it you bitch hegh
alright. So we've got a long way to
go we got to do these research stations
they're gonna be good we need to build
more stuff probably the supercomputer is
something that also needs to be built
we might need to fill more manual
generators other than what we got right
there but that should be ok because so
long as we got what we need we're gonna
we're going to be able to survive this
there's very little contaminated oxygen
that's made its way up here and my guys
are actually active filters themselves
with their bodies at ten you know the
human body is a great filter that's how
it should be used right and then we're
gonna be okay so percolation that was
not it was actually my next one
population was it because by the filler
can finally get rid of that slime once
and for all and that's what we gotta do
whoa God all my god Gus you smelly
we need like some sort of a create a
shower of something about well we need
sanitation science to be able to do that
sanitation science sounds important for
the active and not even on this little
there is air deodorizer
Oh filtering contaminated oxygen out of
the air
oh that sounds great I didn't see that
I'll get that mix okay I'll get that
next I know I know I know it's all bad i
know call that sucks everything your son
everything is awful
we're all dying i get it right with the
super come on finish the supercomputer
come on finish it finish yet I know Gus
god dammit you smell so bad but it's
I believe in you okay intermediary
research we need to build that forever
which means water which means people
need to go get water which just means i
need to actually build a ladder that
connects these two that be smart i'm
going to prioritize that highly so that
people have a route just to go to the
water in that way we're not just going
back and forth on that might bring up
some contaminated oxygen but hopefully
when we get the purifier all settled
we'll be okay i'm going to build this
area out is like another another another
research area so that we have double
layer here and eventually i'll build
like a room and whatnot but maybe later
all revolutions a little yeah yeah yeah
Cycle 10 report ready what'dus that mean?
is it bad? yeah it's bad
alright it's pretty bad but at least it
seems to be going ok Lenny is no longer
the most stress that we got here ok well
we got back going on
oh we got to get this going
supercomputer hopefully that won't take
much longer in the next cycle
ok we're almost through the woods
rolling through the darkness the
darkness was scary will give us come on
keep researching you got it you bet I
believe in you as they dig this out you
keep you keep a chuckle in the perfect
perfect okay that's good
they got that so now I got a direct path
to the water it's good we got you max
doing research now that's good
how much more do we need we need eight
more ok keep going guys but I already
nine your computer is super priorities
we're going to fix you
we're going to fix you your slime
batches we're going to cut off the start
of the flying first and then we're going
to cut off the fucking contaminated
oxygen we're gonna get it here or in
here we're gonna get it so pure
ok I just prioritize some algae getting
up there so once they get that will be a
little bit better got plenty water
come on come on we need more research we
need more research were closed all one
more come on you got this guy's you got
to come on i believe in you do a video
please yes all of us do it please
oh god all of yes okay yes all right we
got then so that's good so now that we
have that we've got electrolyzer doxygen
from water that's actually really handy
man we need where was it where was it
what if you require hot fire distill it
is what we needed
so with the bio distiller I don't even
think it needs doesn't mean it doesn't
even seem to meet power so we're going
to make this top priority in the next
cycle August because they're all
sleeping and then we're going to get rid
of the god damn slime so we need to
unleash that for now but then we're
going to get rid of the goddamn slime
slime is going away forever and with all
this bullshit that's been playing out
since I killed Puff(ed)
once that's gone be able to live our
lives going on
come on guys build it up build it up
build it up elbow go yogi go yo D yo yo
digo yo you got it good job buddy
ok now we've got need power cot damn it
i didn't know that right so we'll just
build would do it like this i is not
pretty but you do like this
alright uh priority for our time for
nine but okay go go part
Go Go priority one man i need to stop
abusing the prior to Donna not today not
oh oh oh it's doing it
oh I don't know how it's doing it but
it's doing it I don't know what we're
doing but we did it
oh I think we did it
well we did it and we got a new guy
I'll meet week if your decorator iron
gut bottom suck and biohazard enough
yokel not very smart candy research i'm
ok with that he's got twinkle toes
all right I'm gonna go with me because i
like the name alright come on out ok
missing foundation? missing foundation
goddammit ok so that's missing
foundation so now we gotta fill that out
there right that's gonna get priority
and again I think it's okay because I
think that piping did go through the
tile i'm pretty sure
but i think it's working I think it's
finally getting rid of the slime and
once it gets rid of the slime everything
is why I not been researching on an
idiot plantation scientists on an idiot
but once that's done then the slime is
gone and then no more will we have
contaminated oxygen in my base saved you
you've saved you I put you in this
situation but you saved me to save you
all right I love you good this time with
you anyway that's the end of this
episode ax
I've got a long way to go before i even
get remotely close to surviving here I
don't even know what's happening there
that is weird ok but either way I think
i'm all done here
we've accomplished a lot and I don't
know what exactly we're going to do but
we're going to try our best to get there
so contaminated water is that from the
contaminated oxygen that is but either
way were doing pretty good so thank you
everybody so much for watching I hope
you enjoying this
I certainly a.m. this is huge dude
lookin to thank you everybody so much
for watching and as always I will see
you in the next video bye
*Markiplier's outro music*


Oxygen Not Included | Part 4 | FAST AND FURIOUS WINS THE RACE!!

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