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  • Oh, It's been such a long day.

  • I must have a drink with Mark after I get home.

  • What's this poor old farmer doing here in the forest at this ungodly hour?

  • He's walking straight towards the Queen.

  • What should I do?

  • Ha! Yes!

  • This is my chance do my master a favor.

  • Watch me! I will turn his head into an ugly donkey.

  • Someone's sleeping here.

  • Lady, are you ok?

  • Wake up! Wake up!

  • Wow! How handsome you are!

  • Your stinky, hairy donkey head is so mesmerizing.

  • Donkey? What?

  • You are the man I've wanted for so long.

  • Me?

  • Please, do not leave me.

  • Come! Let us get to know each other.

  • Nononono!

  • Lady, are... are you ok?

  • You must be mistaking me for someone else.

  • No! I knew you the moment I opened my eyes and saw you; I can't be wrong.

  • Darling, come here, come to me.

  • Hold on. Hold on.

  • This lady seems drunk.

  • It doesn't matter.

  • If she doesn't want to let me go,

  • I'll just stay here.

  • Something good might come out of it,

  • who knows...

  • Sweet lady, we probably did meet somewhere before,

  • and sorry I forgot.

  • My name is Bottom.

  • I am a farmer.

  • Farmer! Wow, how cool!

  • I haven't met a man in this world who's as mature and handsome as you!

  • Really? You think so?

  • My lady, there's no one in this forest at this hour. Do you think...

  • I think we should go back to my place.

  • I want you to sit and talk to me, tell me about yourself.

  • Your place?

  • All right!

  • But first we must get out of this forest.

  • Honey, don't bother wishing you could leave this forest.

  • Because you're going to stay here forever.

  • I love you. So come with me.

  • I'll give you fairies as servants.

  • Come here, Fairy.

  • He'll be your new master, understand?

  • Take good care of him.

  • Honey, let's go.

  • Go back to the home which now belongs to us.

  • Our home?

  • I must be dreaming!!!

  • This is too good to be true.

Oh, It's been such a long day.


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