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Hello everybody my name is Markiplier
and welcome back to Oxygen not Included.
Now we've got a new day ahead of us
they just slept like little angel babies
throughout the night and once we get
this underway we'll have farming
available but I did realize a problem I
didn't exactly build out a proper map
for me to go through I mean-- good job
max for collecting water that's
awesome for you
I don't know why you're grimy but you
just keep doing what you're doing so I'm
gonna have a little adventure here
because I'm going to see what the hell
puft is all about because puft may
kill us all--is there a way to save?
Can I save? Save.
Ok save, save as, save as I don't know new
save do that one. Uhh "We Gon Die" that
one. Uhh save that one okay good. Alright so now I'm
going to do something that's probably
risky and we're going to dig through and
say hi to uh puft here. "Extremely buoyant
not aggressive species rids itself of
excess pathogens by excreting lots of slime
with each breath"-- oh that's not that's
not what I want I don't think we want slime
slime is actually the opposite of what
we want so we're ohhh I don't think
that's good. I don't know if that's what we should
do. Gus, did you just give up on digging?
You asshole!
Okay so Max is going to continue with
his research he definitely needs to do that.
We got to get to the point where we can
get the farming tech, because we can make
the planter box, the compost and the algae
Oooh. Hey all right then so "recycles
carbium--carbon dioxide and small amount of oxygen--
breaks down contaminated dirt into
fertilizer" so the poop farm that is my
poop farm will be able to have compost
by it. That's good, that's good? That's good?
Maybe. Maybe I shouldn't have had that in
the living quarters. So there's like the
living quarters, this over here is the
science quarter, tech quarter or
whatever you want to call it. Alright just go
for it
hurry up. At least stress is down that's
nice. Cool. We're doing great.
Next duplicant in a long time don't need
to worry about more people. Alright so you're
there. Doing their thing making power
you're good, you're diggin. Can you dig more?
Please, geez. I'm gonna prioritize this. Dig!
All right, okay, there we go,
good. We need to say hi to puft... and we
could attack it, that's true. We could do that. I
don't know if i want to attack it. Oh, Gus
and Josie I don't want you to have to attack
puft. Puft is probably our friend that's gonna
poison all our gas. Maybe a little bit--
oh boy, that's not good.
Alright so, hi puft, how's it going?
This is a standoff.
I don't want to attack it right away but it's
a lot of slime in there.
Puft, hi. Gus, say hi to puft. Is it destiny?
Is it destiny?
What is he doing? Oh! They're about to meet. First
Okay then never mind. Priority level for
selected object? Ehh. Alright then--ooh!
he's going for it. What's he going for? What's he
going for? Why's he going for that thing?
Alright then... kill it!
Oh boy, oh my god! What is that? What
kind of gun is that? Oh boy. Oh, I feel bad. No!
Oh god what am i doing? Oh, I feel bad. Oh, poor puft!
I just don't want it to make poison gas
Oh no! Don't go in there. That's contaminated.
Ah boy.
That's so sad. Alright let's at least
dig out all the slime. Don't need that
Uhhh. Alright so what we did do, even though
the slime is there can we sweep that up
and get that. Can we get that out of there, please? I
don't know where we're going to put it .
I guess we have no place to put it okay
but anyway gold amalgam, holy shit. Hell
yeah! Gold amalgam, okay, I can dig that.
I can literally dig that, oh, skill
Hell yeah, okay, so I think the only reason
we're losing oxygen is because.. wait, why is this?
Are we out of dirt? Did we run out of dirt? You got
to be joking me, we ran out of dirt.
Okay, fine then, we ran out of dirt. Oh no!
We got it! Oh no! We did the thing!
Oh, fine dining, we don't need that, we
need liquid piping to be able to get
away from the contaminated water and the
chlorine gas would be very nice.
Okay, so lets doooo, let's do liquid piping
first, that will be the next task that we
do, and then we will do continuous
yeah, there we go, okay, so that's going to
keep going, that's good, so, but now we've
got new stuff because we can make the
algae terrarium, which is available, we
can just put anywhere right? Can put it over
here I guess.
Oh must be built on ground. Must be built
on ground.
I mean it's kind of on the ground, I want to
see what happens if we put them over
there and then maybe they're going to be
able to produce a little bit of oxygen.
Yeah, see what happens buddy. You got it I
Alright, so that's going to do that, then
refinement compost put it right by the
the shitter here, gonna stink like
hell over there but at least going to be
a thing. And then we're gon--we need to
make the, uh, the planter box, yeah. So if we make
the planter box, I guess we can put them right here.
Yeah, yeah okay, then that's going to be good,
those don't require power so they're
good on their own and then we're just gonna
build what we need more power there,
need to build a planter box get the
algae things going on there
yeah this is going to be good because then
those are going to be able to emit
oxygen and consume carbon dioxide
because right now we don't have anything
consuming carbon dioxide so we probably
would have suffocated in the end anyway
yeah carbon dioxide, it's there, it exists
it is, ew!
That's not good the slime is bad oh shit!
the slime is bad it's producing a lot of..
Oh god! I should have, I should have done
something about that, we need, we need to
definitely get another research station
up. Oh boy, we need to do that, that is
a thing that we need to do. Oh boy!
we're about to die, we're all about to
Oh God, I've done something terrible! I
shouldn't have killed that thing I
shouldn't have killed the Puft! That's coming
back to haunt me so we need another
power generator we need another battery
we need to hook these up Badda-bing Badda-boom-bo Badda-bing Badda-
boom-bo! Okay, alright, so you
guys are sleeping.
Okay, that's fine that's totally fine. The
contaminated gas is just over there and
definitely just not going to poison us
all eventually. That's definitely not a
thing that's happening. Oh boy, alright then.
Insufficient resources, algae.
Well, where do we get the algae? None of
these things have algae, don't they? Well, at least
these things are acting as a barrier to
fight back this contaminated oxygen but
I got a bad feeling that it's going to
be coming for us very soon. Alright, seed
selected, meal, we got meal worms so let's do
the meal worm. Alright, uh, Boink! Okay, meal worms
that'll be good. We got the composter
here, that's gonna be good. Um, building that
up we're going to have this do
continuous research. Continuously. That's
good, so we'll have two research stations
to be able to do that. That's powering a
lot of batteries.
Alright. GOOD, GOOD, GOOD! I think. Ah, shit. We just need
to get this, this, is, are we doing gas
pumping are we doing liquid pumping? Let's
do gas pumping because we've got a problem
with contaminated gas. *funny noise* Sorry Lenny you
gotta do it.
I apologize, Lenny. Lenny, I know you're
stressed, but I'm sorry, it's gotta be done.
Wow, that takes a while.
Oh, Lenny I'm sorry about that. Lenny I
don't mean to do that.
Oh, f*ck we're running out of food we gotta get those
things growing. We're definitely not
producing enough oxygen. Ooh, this is a
little bit stressful guys, I'm sorry, I'm not
a very competent, guy. Yeah, but we're starting to
get carbon dioxide in here so we are
consuming too much. We do need more algae
boxes but we just don't have the algae
for it.
It is very toxic. That's just increasing from
the slime. How do we, how do we get rid of the
slime? I have no idea how to get rid of
Oh shit. Okay. How we doing on research? Gas piping...
doing good, doing good, okay. Doing very
good. Almost (done) with that. Then maybe, I think
the gas piping will be able to, "Gas pump
gas vent, an out point for gas pipes."
Okay, so gas pump and then gas vent, but I
don't know where to put the vent. God,
we didn't put anything, and I have no
idea how to build dur.. there.. Jesus.
OH! OH, that's nice!
OH, I didn't even know that!
Oh! Okay! Can we put... can we
build this here and put slime in there?
Can we, can we do that? Could we build
this and put slime? Here. Can we do that? Can we put this
priority nine, please.
What the frick, did the, that's not what I was doing.
Priority nine, please. Okay, then. Aw, God
dammit! It's time for sleep, really? You guys
got to sleep when poisonous gas is just creeping
up on your asses?
Great! Okay, that's good. You guys do your
thing, and I'll just be a douche bag.
Oh, boy.

"Gas-permeable tile- uses a wall and floor
tile to build rooms, blocks the flow of
liquid without obstructing gas".
Okay, that's interesting. "Power regulation,
bigger battery, interior decor, mess table,
sculpting book."
So things are just a little bit more
stressful than they have been, but I
think we'll be okay, I think we're gonna
be alright. Maybe. Well, that's
horrifying, but I think that's going to
be okay. Maybe I shouldn't have put that
so close to all the living areas but I
don't think they're gonna complain.
Stress is only a little bit high, and
it's all Lenny. It's Lenny's fault, the stress bug!
God damn, get over it Lenny. Alright. So let me
look into the gas bridge.
Okay, "gas pump- draws in gas and runs through a gas pipe...
gas pipe, gas pipe bridge." Ah, shoot.
Gas vent. How the heck, how the heckey
Would I build THAT?
Oh boy, I don't know how to do that.
Unless, oh, I know what this is, this is
meant... So maybe, maybe there's some sort
of purifier. There has gotta be some sort of
purifier because we're getting a lot of
contaminated oxygen here and that's
going to be very bad. Maybe there's like
a purifier that you can run this through
and then it would be able to output good
*mumbles unintelligibly* LOL output good shit, okay, that's
We're....we're in.... we're in bad shape here I
don't know what it is but we're gonna
put this here because I got nothing
better to do with my time so we're just going
to build this. I don't know we're, we're
all gonna die soon, very soon, because the
gas I.... the freaking slime! How do you get
rid of the goddamn slime? Can I put slime
in here?
Can I put slime in here? Please tell me
there's a way to put slime in here.
Organic. Uh? What is this? Is it organic slime?
Organic! Put organics in here! Put all
organics in the storage container and
hopefully that'll be good.
Can we please? Oh, god please tell me
that's possible?! Slime, slime, slime
slime-are you going for the slime?
YES! Okay! Put the slime away! Jeezums!
Okay, put the, YES, okay, storage compactors gonna...
its emitting... oh shit :(
Oh god, it's storing anyway. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.
That's not good. *Mark sounds defeated*
Oh, no. Oh, no. You guys I'm.... I'm sorry. I
don't know what to do. I've no idea what
to do.
Oh boy, alright, okay, ah, aahh,
Advanced filtration, ah, there we go
advanced filtration. Okay, I've done bad guys,
I've done bad. I've done wrong by my
people and I'm afraid that they might
die because I did not get the advanced
filtration that I needed which is way,
way, way down the road. I unlocked a horrible
thing that I was not ready to encounter.
And I'm afraid that everyone might die
here. But that does not mean that I will give
up. I'll keep trying, doesn't mean they're
not gonna die but I'm gonna keep trying,
I guess. Maybe I could try to wall off,
maybe I could try to wall it off.
What if I wall it off?
What if I wall off? What if I wall it off?!
God, we got a new citizen now? NOW? REALLY?
Oh boy. Wall it off please! Wall it! Come
on! Priority f*cking 9! Or is that high?
Yeah, that's high.
Okay, alright. Choose duplicant, I guess
someone's got to be in this. Shit. Alright
All right, Jasper you're in here. Or no,
Yvette, Yvette, you're in here.
Okay, alright. Can we get priority nine on
this shit?
And cancel that one, because we don't need it.
Food shortage, I know, I'm aware. Where the
frick are my meal worms? What? Dig up? No. Harvest.
It's not even close to there! Oh, boy. This is bad.
Okay, we walled it off. So that means that
we'll just have to deal with what we got,
and what we got. So, we're in a bad spot
but that doesn't mean that everything is
that means just everything's bad. So at least we
got Yvette here, trying to help us out
so that's, that's good, I guess.
Advanced filtration that'd be nice. Oh it,
that's the blue, okay, alright then. Well
we're, we're going to persevere and we
don't have a bed for Yvette. Sorry Yvette. Awwww.
So anyway, that's where I'm gonna end this
in mid crisis and we may come back to
this or they might all be dead.
I don't know which one is more true at
this point. So, thank you everybody so much
for watching.
They are sleeping in poisonous gas but
that's okay, I think? So thanks everybody so
much for watching. Let me know how I'm
doing in the comments below. And as always
I will see you in the next video! Buh-bye!
*Markiplier's outro music*


Oxygen Not Included | Part 3 | EVERYTHING IS CONTAMINATED!!

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