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Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon

Today we are making a simple but delicious
dessert which has a strawberry and raspberry

sauce down the bottom, chantily cream piped
on top of that, and then a shortbread type

biscuit all topped with fresh fruit.
To start with lets make that chantily cream
so that it has time to chill before we need

it. You will need a vanilla bean, sugar and
cream and then we we need more cream after

that and some white chocolate. All of the
recipe quantities that you'll need are on

the website howtocookthat.net in grams and
ounces and cups and I'll link to that recipe

in the description just below this video.
Pour the cream and some sugar into your saucepan.

Then split your vanilla bean in half lengthwise
using your knife scrape the sticky black seeds

out of the vanilla bean.
Then we want to add the pod and all the seeds

and everything into the saucepan with the
cream and sugar and heat it over a high heat,

stirring it until the cream just starts to

Remove that from the heat and pour it through
a sieve onto the white chocolate. This will

strain out any bits of the pod but lets all
those little black seeds through.

Allow it to sit for a minute and then stir
the now melted chocolate through until it

is smooth and completely combined.
Then add the remaining cold cream stir that

and then place it into the freezer to chill
for an hour.

While that is chilling lets make the biscuit

To do that you will need butter, icing sugar,
one egg yolk, almond meal and flour. Beat

the butter until it is soft using electric
mixers and then add in the icing sugar and

the egg yolk and then your almond meal and
then beat that until it is smooth.

Now add all the flour and mix that in just
using a spoon until it is just combined you

don't want to over-mix it because we are not
wanting to make a tough pastry we are wanting

to make a soft shortbread type biscuit.
Place the mixture between two sheets of non-stick

baking paper and then use a rolling pin to
press it push it into a flat sheet. Then use

a circle cutter that is just slightly larger
than your serving glasses to cut circles of

your dough. If you don't have a cutter you
can use anything that is the right size in

your kitchen and then just cut around it with
a knife.

Take off the excess dough from between the
circles and roll that out again to cut another

Then place that in the oven for 15 minutes

or until they're golden brown.
To make the fresh sauce it's really easy just

place the strawberries the raspberries and
the sugar into a blender or food processor

and liquify for 30 seconds.
Then strain it through a sieve, use the back

of your spoon to push it all through so that
you're just left with the seeds in the sieve

and a beautiful refreshing sauce is in the

Wash, hull and quarter your strawberries.
Then take the chantilly cream out of the freezer

and whip it up using electric beaters. Now
it shouldn't be frozen at all just really

It is important not to over-whip it so stop

the beaters and check the consistency, if
its still runny like this it needs more beating.

Keep whipping until you can see the beater
pattern on top, and when you turn it off and

lift up the beaters it holds its own soft
peaks. If you keep beating it at this stage

you'll over-whip it and make start to turn
into butter. So the fats going to seperate

from the liquid and it won't be a nice texture
at all.

Place the chantilly cream into a piping bag
fitted with a large star shaped nozzle. If

you don't have a piping bag don't worry you
can just use a plastic bag and on the caramel

cupcakes video on my channel I show you how
to cut the bag there to give the same effect

as the star shaped nozzle.
Add 20 ml of fruit sauce to the bottom of

each glass. I am just using a medicine measurer
here to get exact even amounts in each glass

and also it gets it cleanly into the bottom
of the glass without splashing it up the sides.

Then pipe a generous portion of the chantilly
cream into each one. Place your biscuit carefully

on top and then arrange your fresh fruit in
a pile on top of that.

Serve it to the table and instruct your guests
to push down in the centre of the biscuit.

And then they can get a spoonful of the delicious
chantilly cream, sauce, crunchy biscuit and

fresh fruit all in one mouthful.
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Put all your requests below.
Have an awesome week and I'll see you on Friday.

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Easy Fruit Dessert Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

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