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Hi everybody this is Misterduncan in England How are you today?
Are you okay, I hope so Are you happy?
I hope so. Well here I am in what will be my new studio.
Here in Much Wenlock. As you can see, I'm busy painting the walls
today. Incidentally, there is an expression in English,
to do with paint. Something that is boring or tedious to watch.
You can say - ''It's like watching paint dry.''
Because of course, paint takes a long time to dry
and it's very boring to watch. So, not only am I decorating today,
I'm also teaching you a little bit of English as well
I'm such a busy man. Anyway, I'd better get back to work, before
my paint starts to dry. Okay...is that alright?
Thank you very much by the way, Thank you very much for your messages saying,
''Misterduncan we've missed you.'' Well don't worry I'm still here.
Busy painting my walls, preparing my studio, In which I'm going to make lots of new English
lessons, just for you! So I look forward to doing that
And I look forward to seeing you all very soon.
This is Misterduncan, in his new studio, painting away, very busily, saying thank you
for dropping by. And of course...
Ta-ta for now.
You're still here! I have to carry on now, I'm ever so sorry!
See you later... Ta-ta for now!


Misterduncan - ''Watching paint dry!''

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