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[music starts playing]
Hi! I am Jessica. I'm a deaf YouTuber
and that was my lovely wife that I was dancing with.
People ask me a lot how I edit
But particulary when it comes to music.
Spoiler: It's visual
So I though I would make a video that kind of explains that little more.
And I had this really cute clips of us dancing so--
They just got included, it's all good. You're welcome!
[Jessica's voice] Editing a sit down video is hard enough
but at least I know when I pause.
And can then remove that section.
I can also see that I raised my hand and put a graphic on top.
I can also lip read to see exactly where I am in the script
and then just add a cute effect on top!
You'll note that was all without music though
so let's go back to the start!
[Jessica's voice] For a talky video I'll just choose the track
that's already been chosed by one of my helpers and that I know fits the theme.
'Cause I don't always get it right.
But I want to show you the amazing dance class
that Claudia and I had with Katy Cobalts.
Yes, my wife is so sweet that even though she hates the Charleston
she learned to keep time for me.
Just because-- I can't do it myself.
[music starts playing]
[music changes]
[Jessica's voice] OK, OK!
[same music comes back]
How did that just happen?
Well, to be honest, Claudia edited that but--
[Jessica's video clone] But I can do it too!
Indeed you can!
So I start at the opposite end for a montage piece
I'll find the music first and then put the clips together.
[Jessica's voice] I use Epidemic Sound for all of my music!
It's an audio library with songs, audio clips, and effects
that are all YouTube friendly.
So you can still monetize your content when you use their songs!
You pay a mothly fee and they have access to literally
tens of thousands of tracks!
They're not sposoring me or anything I just genuinely find it so helpful!
You can also then share that music on Twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram
and not get hit by any copyright claims!
[Jessica's voice] I find it so helpful for people like me
who edit visually. Every track is a number of keywords
that means you can cross search for your perfect song
It also shows you the genre of music, the category
or style, and the beats per minute with a listing for energy
So, if I need a fast track
[fast music playing]
I can easily find that and if I need a slow track
[slow music playing]
I can easily find that!
[Jessica's voice] I find it particulary helpful being able to see the up-and-down thingies
before I download the track, and also
be able to isolate and download individual stems
The first thing I do is visually examine the track
noticing any large peak and troughs with a marker
I then load clips into the timeline and shorten to fit
between the markers.
Since this video is about dancing and the footwork is specific
I make sure feet hit the floor every time the music peaks.
It takes a long time--
If your next question is:
"But how exactly do you dance when you can't hear the music?"
The answer is-- badly.
The Charleston's really regulated so,
as long as I follow someone else for the first eight beats
I'm good to go!
Unless I lose it or the music changes.
[instructor's voice couting steps]
[music slowly gets higher]
So, there you go, how I dance and how I edit
all in one video!
It's a two-for-one video!
Plus-- lesbians dancing!
I hope that answered your questions about how on Earth
a deaf YouTuber edits!
I'll put a link in the descrition and all that, but--
What I really want to know is what style of dancing
you think we should try next!
But the Charleston was pretty easy, because it's
Well, "easy" because it's quite regulated
But I really want to [?] next. Swing dancing!
Claud's gonna hate it!
But I'm gonna love it!

Subscribe for more deaf lesbians!
Alright, the same deaf lesbian
but I make two videos a week so-- yeah, you get more!
[music start playing]
[both laugh]


Deaf Girl Dancing // How A Deaf YouTuber Edits [CC]

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