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  • Welcome to Day 19.

  • We're almost done with our 20-day fast speech challenge.

  • I probably should have told you sooner

  • that the biggest challenge will be on Day 20.

  • But don't worry.

  • All that we've done so far has prepared you for that final task.

  • English with Jennifer

  • Did you hear me say, "I should have told you?"

  • I said "should have" and what I'm really saying is "should have."

  • It's common to drop the H in "have"

  • when we use it as a helping verb.

  • In my sentence, "have" helps me form a perfect modal.

  • Let's look at other examples.

  • Here are three.

  • As I read them, I'll drop the H in "have."

  • It will sound like "of."

  • It's a schwa sound, yes, but it's not the word "of."

  • I'll write it as "uv." Listen.

  • Another variation you'll hear is HAVE reducing to a schwa.

  • Without any V sound, simply /ə/.

  • So you'll hear:

  • Remember these are spoken forms, not written.

  • Don't forget that the helping verbs HAVE, HAS, and HAD

  • all contract in spoken and written speech

  • when we use them in perfect verb forms,

  • the present perfect and the past perfect.

  • So for example:

  • I have seen it. / I've seen it.

  • She has seen it. / She's seen it.

  • He had seen it. / He'd seen it.

  • When else do we drop the H? With pronouns.

  • Listen.

  • To recap, the initial H is dropped in the helping verbs

  • have, has, and had, but only when they follow another word

  • because we need to link.

  • "I shoulduv" is I should have.

  • "It's been"...It has been.

  • We also drop that initial H in the pronouns he, him, her.

  • Again they have to follow another word, so we have linking.

  • "Did'e come?"...Did he come?

  • So if I start a sentence with "he," for example,

  • I won't drop that H.

  • We also drop the H in "here" when we ask someone,

  • "Come'ere."...Come here.

  • Listen closely.

  • I'll say a sentence. You try to understand.

  • That's all for now.

  • Thanks for watching and happy studies.

Welcome to Day 19.


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19日目-Hを落とす-英語の早口言葉を理解する (Day 19 - Dropping the H - Understanding Fast Speech in English)

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