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  • Hi. It's Day 16.

  • After this, just four more days to go

  • in our 20-day fast speech challenge.

  • I have question for you.

  • Do your or did your grandparents speak a different language than you?

  • My grandparents on my mother's side

  • spoke a little Polish and a little Serbian.

  • My grandparents on my father's side spoke Tagalog.

  • When I talk about my grandparents,

  • I'm dropping a letter. Can you tell which one?

  • English with Jennifer

  • In fast speech, we often drop a D when we have the combination A-N-D.

  • As in, "grandparents."

  • There is a D. That's how we write the word,

  • but when we say it in fast speech, the D often gets dropped:

  • gran(d)parents.

  • Listen. As I read these examples,

  • I'll drop the D in each word.

  • It's perfectly fine to pronounce the D,

  • but in fast speech we often drop it

  • in that a-n-d combination plus another consonant.

  • That's why I also drop the D in these words.

  • "Handsome" is an exception.

  • The D is always dropped.

  • And it's not just A-N-D.

  • It's any vowel plus n-d plus another consonant.

  • For example:

  • You might hear:

  • In fast speech, you might hear someone say:

  • With the conjunction "and" we not only drop the D...

  • We reduce the vowel sound to a schwa sound /ə/.

  • So you may hear not "bread and butter,"

  • but "bread'en butter."

  • In fact, it might even sound like we're dropping the vowel sound

  • and just using an N.../n/...bread'n butter.

  • Listen closely.

  • I'll say a sentence or phrase.

  • You try to understand.

  • That's all for now.

  • Thanks for watching and happy studies.

Hi. It's Day 16.


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16日目「Dを落として "and "と言う」~英語の早口言葉を理解する (Day 16 - Dropping the D and Saying "and" - Understanding Fast Speech in English)

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