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  • Hi I'm Coach Collin Castellaw and this is the Rocker Step move #1. Rocker step move

  • #1 is a live ball move that you use when you still have your dribble available after catching

  • a pass. So it starts by catching the pass in triple threat. Where you can shoot, dribble,

  • or pass out of it right here in your shooting pocket. With the rocker step all you do is

  • you first give a jab step forward. So think about if your defenders in front of you and

  • you give a jab they are probably going to drop one foot to get ready to move with ya.

  • Now the key to the rocker step is as you do your first jab forward you want to keep your

  • back leg locked and loaded. You don't want is straight like that you want it nice and

  • bent locked and loaded so you can spring off of it and you can spring quickly. because

  • what's going to happen is as you jab and your defender backs slightly you are going to raise

  • up keeping that back leg loaded most likely your defenders foot will start coming back

  • forward. As their foot starts coming forward that's when you spring of your back foot exploding

  • to get your hips by their hips for an easy look. The first thing that you want to do

  • is make sure that you catch in triple threat. This allows you to take what the defender

  • gives you. Next you want to give a hard jab step at your defender to try to get them to

  • drop one foot. make sure your back leg is loaded so you can spring off of it as soon

  • as your defender starts to bring their foot forward. Then explode off your back foot to

  • get your hips by theirs. Now let's check out Jeremy Lin do it. So Jeremy starts by by giving

  • a small jab step as he does Russell Westbrook jumps up expecting the high screen. Notice

  • that after his first step Jeremy's hips are clearly past Russell Westbrook's because he

  • kept his back leg loaded. If you liked this video and you want to see more just click

  • the subscribe button in the bottom right hand corner. feel free to leave any questions in

  • the comments section down below. Thanks again for watching

Hi I'm Coach Collin Castellaw and this is the Rocker Step move #1. Rocker step move


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ジェレミーリン ロッカーステップバスケットボールの動き (Jeremy Lin Rocker Step: Basketball Moves)

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