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Tail Slide 270. A Tail Slide 270 is a very common buttering trick that is fun, looks
awesome and builds your skills for more advanced jib tricks.
The key warm-up trick is a Frontside Tail Butter coming out switch, which
we've covered in the Basics Of Buttering series. For the Tail Slide 270, we're
basically gonna do the exact same trick but you're gonna add another 180 as you
pop out to land back in your regular direction. The technique you learn for
Counter Rotated 360s is gonna come in handy here for spinning a very quick
Frontside 270 out of this butter. With a training board and Balance Bar you can
simulate the movement. Jump into a Frontside Tail Slide, continue to rotate,
your upper body around when your upper body reaches its max wound up position,
you can snap your lower body into action with a counter rotated 270. It's
the exact same while buttering. Nollie into a tail butter, let your upper body
continue to rotate, when you reach a maximum wound up position, add a small
Ollie and counter rotate the 270 out. Don't be afraid to let your board butter
for a bit longer during the trick. Doing this means you may only have to 180 out,
which will be even easier as you're learning. It's the same trick and the
same movement with just a slight variation. While doing any buttering
trick you need to keep a little pressure on your uphill edge, which in this case
is your heel edge, otherwise it'll catch in the snow. A Tail Slide 270 uses
the exact same movement whether they're done on the snow or on a box. Except for when
jibbing, you need to keep your base dead flat with the feature or you'll
slide out and slam.
This tutorial is filmed at Whistler Blackcomb. I'm Nev Lapwood from Snowboard
Addiction , our goal is to improve your riding!


How To Tail Slide 270 Out On A Snowboard

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Hsuan Lin 2018 年 9 月 21 日 に公開
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