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Ollie: The third way to get air is an ollie. Make
sure you can easily pop off a bunch of small features before learning this. With an ollie
we use the boards energy to help us jump. An ollie gives you the most height with the
least amount of effort although it takes practice and co-ordination to master.
First play with flexing your board. Roll your hips and body weight towards the tail of your
board like this. Your board will bend raising the nose from the ground. You're applying
pressure into the tail off your board using the weight of your body. As your board flexes,
it wants to spring back, use this energy to ollie. Try this motion all in one movement.
Apply pressure to your tail then ollie off your back foot bringing both feet evenly into
the air. Make sure to land in a balanced position on both feet. I apply a little pressure over
my front foot before ollieing which helps to rock lots of pressure into the tail. Co-coordinating
these movements is tricky at first although you'll improve quickly with practice. The
more you pressure and flex your board, the higher you'll be able to ollie. Actively using
your hips and body weight will help. Once you get the hang of ollies on flat ground,
try them while moving on a gentle slope. You can practice timing ollies by using obstacle's
like a glove, stick or skier. The cool thing about ollies is they use the
energy of your board to get air where as a pop uses energy from your body. As you become
comfortable with ollies, you'll find they require far less effort then popping.


How To Ollie On A Snowboard (Regular)

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