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First of all, congratulations.
You are the champion, US Open champ.
How's that sound to you?
Um, it sounds really good.
Sounds good?
Something you dreamed of?
Um, yeah.
I'm sorry, but it's so weird, like you're a real person.
Usually I send a hologram in, but today I
wanted to be here for you.
So I watched the match.
How many people saw the match with Serena that she--
It was an incredible match, and you were playing so well.
I mean, you clearly you deserved to win.
You were amazing.
And so, did you think you had a chance of beating her
at the finals?
Well, I mean, I wouldn't play a match
without thinking I had a chance.
Yeah, I mean, the back of my mind I thought so.
I don't know if you noticed.
There was some controversy that happened on the court.
Did you notice that?
I didn't notice.
You didn't see that?
All right.
I'll tell you what happened.
Let me tell you what happened.
So Serena got some calls.
So when that was happening, when all that was going on,
that must have been-- was distracting for you?
Were you just--
I mean, because what were you feeling during those moments?
When like, when you're little, you're
taught not to look at like, if your opponent gets angry
or anything.
You're told to like, just look like, turn around and try
to focus.
So I tried to do that.
But in my mind, I was sort of, like I really wanted
to know what was going on.
That-- you didn't know what was going on?
Because you couldn't hear?
Yeah, I couldn't hear, and I was looking away.
But, um, I heard a lot of people in the crowd making noises,
and I really wanted to turn around but I didn't.
Yeah, yeah.
So you're done-- you're wondering
what the people are making noises for
and you're just turning around, which
is what you're supposed to do.
Well, first of all, everyone is saying--
and you know you deserve to win.
You were playing an amazing match.
I mean, you were just-- your level of play was incredible.
And people are calling you like, a young Serena.
That's-- you're playing like that.
And when you were receiving the trophy,
there was a lot of booing in the crowd.
And then Serena leaned over and said something to you.
What did she say to you?
What do you think she said?
Girl, you're good.
No, she's like, that she was proud of me,
and that I should know that the crowd wasn't booing at me.
So I was really happy that she said that.
Yeah, but you knew the crowd wasn't booing at you, right?
They were just booing the whole situation
that it was just, right?
Did you did you think they were booing you?
At the time I did kind of think they were booing at me.
Oh, no.
Because I couldn't tell what was going on
because it was just so loud in there.
It was a little bit stressful.
I saw when you pulled the visor over your eyes
when they started booing I could see that you
were getting very emotional.
When you were sitting on the--
I wanted to ask you.
So you had a towel over your head
after you won, and you were sitting down.
Were you texting?
What was going on under that towel?
I saw something happening under the towel?
What were you doing?
Were you knitting?
What were you doing?
No, I was reading what I should say just in case--
Oh, OK.
--for my speech, because I'm not very good at talking.
Gee, you seem so outgoing and boisterous.
Well, you're awesome.
I mean, you're just-- you're-- you're amazing.
And I have questions because people
know that you're a great tennis player
so I want to know your favorite color.
Black, all right.
I should have known that.
Favorite TV show.
Right now The Office.
The Office?
You're catching up on The Office?
All right.
What season are you in?
I'm on season 7.
OK, good.
And favorite singer.
Singer, Beyonce.
Celebrity crush?
Come on, you can make it happen.
You're very famous now.
No, I'm not.
I don't know his name, but he was in Black Panther
but he was a villain.
Oh, Michael B. Jordan.
Do you want me to text him right now?
I will-- seriously.
So I'm going to get my phone.
I'm going to text Michael, and I'm
going to tell him that he should meet you.
I'm OK.
Thank you.
Well, I'm just trying to help.
That's OK.
All right.
So you won the title, which is huge.
You won $3.8 million and--
after you give me my cut--
when I introduce you to Michael.
What will you do with the money?
Do you have a car?
Buy a car.
Do-- buy a-- don't you want to buy yourself something?
I would rather buy my parents something.
Aw, well that's the right answer.
What are you going to buy them?
A house?
I'm going to buy them a TV so they can watch your show.
They don't watch my show now?
I mean, I'm going to buy them a really big TV.
I see, I see.
I'll give them a--
I'll give them a--
4K Roku TV.
I have a 65 inch backstage for you.
Let me have my phone, Andy.
We're getting you--
I'm getting you Michael B. Jordan,
and we're getting you a TV.
No, you're not.
We take a picture of you so I can make sure--
I cannot.
All right.
Ellen, take a selfie.
Oh yeah, we'll take a selfie.
All right.
I'll sit here with you.
Oh my God.
All right.
I'm doing it.
Don't do it.
Let's just see what he says.
I'm not going to--
I'm not committing.
I'm just saying, hey.
We'll see what he says.
He said-- he's going to like, who's that hottie with you?
You know.
No, he's not.
Or he may already know.
Let's see what he says.
You're stressing me out.
I'm too young to be stressed out like this.
You're too young to even get stressed.
There's nothing-- you-- you like-- the world
is your oyster right now.
You're-- you're in such a good--
you've got a brand new TV.
Now you don't have to spend any money.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
All right.
You're adorable.
And thank you for being here.
And congratulations.
You are amazing.
All right.


Ellen Plays Matchmaker for U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan

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