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  • McDonald's is the most popular restaurant in Italy

  • but not everybody loves it

  • "good" is a strong word

  • McDonald's burgers aren't real burgers

  • But are they sure about it?

  • Let's find out

  • McDonald's presents "The Blind Test"

  • We opened a gourmet burger restaurant

  • with the collaboration of two famous chefs

  • where we secretly offered to our clients the new McDonald's burger

  • cooked in a real McDonald's kitchen

  • Thursday April 9th - The Opening

  • So, do you like it?

  • It's delicious

  • Really good

  • Really good

  • Fantastic

  • 3 days later

  • Guys, do you know you are eating a McDonald's Burger?

  • To believe in it you just need to try it

  • and now you can believe in the taste of the new

  • Bacon Club House and Bacon Chicken Prime

  • only at McDonald's

McDonald's is the most popular restaurant in Italy


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マスターシェフ・マクドナルドのグルメ "盲目の味" (Masterchef-McDonald's Gourmet: "The Blind Taste")

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