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  • Everyday you go out and you do things. You pump the gas in your car,

  • you go and get food, you walk your dog,

  • you attend activities after hours. you have some passions that you're involved in,

  • and you have to be ready to turn around and seize the opportunities.

  • So on your paper you need to write down a couple things. In that first

  • area there, right in here, where it says

  • typical client questions... we're looking for those gentle nudges that you can

  • find out if you got

  • any interest on the other side of the fence that the person that you're

  • talking to.

  • What are those simple things that you could say

  • that would start a conversation and gently find out if there's some form of

  • interest.

  • Right, who's got some ideas?

  • This is a tough one. (participant - don't drive naked) but again that's a statement, yes.

  • However, we're looking for a slogan. We're looking for those little questions.

  • Karen what would you say. Your a Money Coach. ahhhm

  • sorry, (Participant - we'll right now I'm asking them after holidays about the January blitz)

  • right

  • so they talk about their holidays, you know, how are your holidays holy fantastic

  • you have you hit your January blues? You know, like most of us do, you know, like

  • when the

  • the credit card finally comes in and kinda about trying to avoid it or maybe even

  • hide it from your spouse? Have you done that one yet

  • Right? And you poke some fun at life or you turn around and do it your way but

  • little gentle nudges to see if any this applies to them.

  • Now, honestly if your money coach and you have a client or somebody sitting in front of you

  • and your having an idle chit, chatting at the grocery store and they say no, no,

  • we do all are planning a year in advance, we manage our budget and

  • it's down to the penny. We know what we're doing. Is that a possible client?

  • Could be possibly. But you go

  • Oh high five, I'm a Money Coach. You just said the miracle words!

  • Can I use you as an example? Right? And you still take the conversation on further

  • because they might be people that know someone else.

  • So what are your leading questions? How many people have a leading questions that they have

  • written down? Some people are writing... some people are really confused.

  • (participant - Have they made any resolutions this year?), yeah.

  • So, you could be, hey, really, can I ask "what are your resolutions this year"?

  • Everybody make some, what's yours?

  • Right. Have you hit the top three? You know,

  • which are money, marriage, and workout.

  • Right. If you hit the top three and they go yeah, yeah,

  • we're going to have a little bit better family life. Yeah, the workout thing...

  • I've totally given up on the work thing.

  • Right. (sound) But I'm actually quoting a client (audience laugh),

  • right. That's exactly how it goes. Told You I was going to spit in this gonna spin this this little conversation here! :)

  • You need to have something that is broad enough that you can talk to your client,

  • potential client, or prospect, about.

  • If you don't you're gonna jump in or you can have a whole (in the conversation)

  • And so it's kinda like this, "hey, how are you doing? Really nice products in this store.

  • Great. Would you like to buy my stuff?

  • It just doesn't flow, does it?

  • Right? So you need to nurture the conversation with curiosity.

  • So you're gonna throw out something we call a little bit of a hook.

  • If you know your ideal client, and what your clients are like,

  • you're gonna probably have some idea what it is that interests them.

  • And then you can hook them. Every fish has a different thing that they like to

  • eat

  • so you can have the same thing with your client. So, with sales clients; when I walk up

  • to somebody who is a,

  • you know, a mother with three kids, would I pitch my product?

  • Not unless I'm talking about how she can get (motivate) her kids to do something.

  • Right. It's a way different type approach.

  • So you have to could do little qualification, you know.

  • Find a little bit more about them, but she might know somebody

  • who is like the fellow I talked about (prevouse story) that is a high end auto dealer

  • and he brings in sales people and speakers all the time

  • just like me. Do you know what I mean?

Everyday you go out and you do things. You pump the gas in your car,


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