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  • At Bibles for America, we're excited to announce the newest additions to our free Christian

  • books collection! We are now offering a set of two life-changing classics: The Normal

  • Christian Life by Watchman Nee and the Economy of God by Witness Lee.

  • Since 1957, The Normal Christian Life has helped believers all over the world. This

  • classic book has sold over 1 million copies and has been translated into 15 languages.

  • Using the book of Romans, Watchman Nee shows us how we can experience Christ living in

  • us by the power of the blood and the cross of Christ. He brings us step by step through

  • the matters of walking in the Spirit, living in the Body of Christ, and knowing the deeper

  • work of the cross. Ultimately, this brings us to the goal of the gospel, which is to

  • pour out all we are on the Lord.

  • Here's one reader's review:

  • (Male voice:) "This is the best Christian book I've ever

  • read aside from the Bible...It will change your life. Take it slowly and pray as you

  • read it; it will revolutionize the way you see yourself, the cross, the blood of Jesus,

  • and your status before God. I've read a lot of Christian books, I don't think any of them

  • come close to this."

  • In The Economy of God, Witness Lee, the closest co-worker of Watchman Nee, builds on the foundation

  • of Nee's ministry.

  • The word "economy," from the Greek word "oikonomia" refers to a household arrangement for the

  • dispensing of its wealth.

  • Witness Lee shows from the Scriptures that God's economy is the divine plan to dispense

  • God into humanity. He includes many practical illustrations to show us how we can experience

  • this dispensing.

  • Here's what one reader says:

  • (Female voice:) "The Economy of God was a book I could not

  • put down. It answered many questions I had about the Bible. It's a book that clearly

  • defines man's relationship toward God and God's relationship with Himself in His Trinity.

  • A must-read for all lovers of Christ!"

  • And here's another reader's comment:

  • (Male voice:) "Simply put, it is the clearest and most easy to read book which unveils God's purpose."

  • These two foundational books complement one another and will minister to you deeply. Together,

  • they can revolutionize your Christian experience and enlarge your view of God's plan.

  • Your free set is available now. Order your copies today!

At Bibles for America, we're excited to announce the newest additions to our free Christian


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ご紹介します。"普通のキリスト教生活" & "神の経済" (Introducing: "The Normal Christian Life" & "The Economy of God")

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