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  • [Music]

  • Do you know this one?

  • Debbie Ocean, convicted felon. Her brother, Danny Ocean? More convicted felon.

  • She was present on the night of the incident.

  • [DAPHNE] Ooh.

  • So...

  • [Music: "My Rules" by Jada Grace]

  • [LOU] We would like to present you all with a hypothetical situation.

  • [AMITA] How hypothetical?

  • [LOU] Not very, unless we screw up.

  • It's called the Toussand.

  • It's over six pounds. [DEBBIE] Of diamonds.

  • [UNNAMED MAN] Valued at over a hundred million dollars.

  • [DAPHNE] 150 million, actually. [laughs]

  • [DEBBIE] And we are going to rob it. [NINE BALL] Sweet.

  • [CLAUDE] Great to see you, y-you look -- [DEBBIE] Recently incarcerated?

  • [LOU] That was spectacular.

  • [DEBBIE] These are all Russians. [LOU] They're hackers.

  • [DEBBIE] Are there no hackers who aren't Russian?

  • [LOU] No. There's barely any Russians who aren't hackers.

  • [ASSISTANT] Do you want me to set up a meeting?

  • [DAPHNE] [mocking noises] Yes!

  • [DEBBIE] How long would it take you to make seven pieces of jewelry?

  • [AMITA] Five or six hours.

  • [DEBBIE] How long if I told you you didn't have to live with your mother anymore?

  • [MOTHER] [speaking in a foreign language] This is why you have no husband!

  • [AMITA] ...Less.

  • [TAMMY] Can anyone really be overqualified? This is the Met Gay-la, after --

  • [INTERVIEWER] Gala, the Met Gala.

  • [TAMMY] The Gala, yeah.

  • [CONSTANCE] All right, here we go! Don't sleep!

  • Don't sleep, 'cause she might disappear. You saw that?

  • [DEBBIE] We could hack the Met's security system.

  • [NINE BALL] Hey, boo.

  • [SECURITY GUARD] [gasps] [NINE BALL] You poor thing.

  • [ROSE] I'm going to prison, and then I'm going to be really, really poor.

  • [DEBBIE] Not necessarily.

  • [NINE BALL] Police coming!

  • [TAMMY] I'm ready to go.

  • [NINE BALL] Game on!

  • [LOU] Hey, Blue Steel. Man, they're just not trustworthy.

  • [DEBBIE] What?!

  • [VOICEOVER] Ocean's 8.

  • [LOU] What's happening? [NINE BALL] Can't get a signal.

  • [TAMMY] Wait wait wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT!

  • [DEBBIE] Sometimes you have to jiggle it. [TAMMY (at the same time)] Every time you move it you have to start from scratch. [overlapping arguing]

  • [click]

  • [TAMMY AND DEBBIE] What'd you just do? [NINE BALL] I turned it on.


  • [VOICEOVER] Rated PG-13.

  • Only in theaters June 8th.



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