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  • Fruits and vegetables are facing an absurd situation

  • On one hand people are encouraged to eat at least 5 a day

  • a lot of money for families

  • on the other we throw 300 million tonnes of it away each year

  • As the European Union made 2014 the European Year Against Food Waste

  • Intermarche the third largest supermarket chain in France decided to rehabilitate the non calibrated

  • and un-perfect fruits and vegetables so we launch

  • les fruits & legumes moches

  • the inglorious fruits and vegetables

  • starring the grotesque apple

  • the ridiculous potato

  • the hideous orange

  • the failed lemon

  • the disfigured eggplant

  • the ugly carrot

  • and the unfortunate clementine

  • now you can eat 5 inglorious fruits and vegetables a day

  • as good but 30% cheaper

  • how did we do it?

  • we bought from our growers the products they usually throw away

  • and sold them in stores

  • they got their own aisle

  • their own labelling

  • and their own spot on the sales receipt

  • for people to realise that they were just as good as the others

  • we designed and distributed inglorious vegetable soups and inglorious fruit juices

  • and it worked

  • our new kind of fruits and vegetables were an immediate success

  • we faced only one problem

  • being sold out

  • 1.2 tonnes average sale per store during the first two days

  • plus 24% overall store traffic

  • this initiative increased awareness about food waste

  • it created a lot of conversations on social networks

  • over 13 million people reached after 1 month

  • and had a big impact in the media

  • finally journalists suggested that every supermarket in the country should do that

  • the inglorious fruits and vegetables

  • a glorious fight against food waste

Fruits and vegetables are facing an absurd situation


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イングロリアスの果物と野菜 (Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables)

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