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Do you lie at night in your bed at night tossing and turning, not being able to fall asleep?
Do you wake up in the night not able to fall back asleep?
Do you wake up in the morning feeling not so refreshed,
fatigue throughout the day?
Well do I have an answer for you!
Introducing the revolutionary new magic sleep powder!
Introducing the revolutionary new magic sleep tea,
essential oil,
magic sleep juice,
magic sleep pillow (drool included).
I know that seems crazy:
Magic pills, potions, even pillows to help you get a good nights rest -
but that's what companies are selling, and I'm dead against that.
I want to give you the proper evidence-based tips
to help you get a good nights rest.
First off, I want to give a huge thank you to Cotton Incorporated
for sponsoring this video, and make sure you
stick around to the end because I'm going to be answering all of your
sleep questions.
Let's chat about all the things you need to do
during the day before the night even starts
to make sure you get a good night's sleep.
Number 1: Exercise.
I know it sounds crazy, but physical activity improves
the quality of your sleep AND extends
its duration.
So even if you're only going out for a ten minute
brisk walk, do it. Morning,
night, evening, doesn't matter -
get your physical activity.
Number 2: Diet.
First and foremost, you want to avoid eating
too close to bedtime, 'cause that can
stimulate your gastric juices
and make you really uncomfortable when you're going to bed.
On top of that, you want to avoid spicy foods, overly citrus-y foods,
and something that a lot of people do before going to sleep -
that's alcohol - because you may
fall asleep fine on alcohol, but it will
hurt the quality of your sleep and you won't
wake up as well rested.
Number 3: Naps.
I'm not going to lie; I love naps,
but naps are a double-edged sword; they are refreshing and
they can give you some energy, as long as you keep them
somewhere between fifteen to thirty minutes.
However, they will decrease your sleepiness
which is a good thing,
but then it'll make it harder for you to fall asleep at night
because you're not sleepy.
So if you can, avoid the nap
unless the circumstances call for it.
Number 4: Caffeine
Get your coffee fix before lunch!
Because caffeine has a half-life of six hours,
meaning it can take up to twelve hours
for it to be fully eliminated out of your system.
And don't forget: caffeine is a diuretic
so it makes you want to pee!
One: Embrace the darkness.
Dim your lights. When you have bright lights,
it affects your melatonin hormone
and then it makes it more difficult for you
to fall asleep AND to stay asleep.
Two: Decrease the amount of blue light
exposure you get toward the evening.
I'm talking about iPads, iPhones, computers.
All of that blue light hurts your melatonin hormone
and, again, makes it difficult for you to fall asleep
AND stay asleep.
Three: Make your room cool.
And I'm not talking about decorations;
I'm talking about the temperature.
When you're trying to go to sleep, your body
naturally wants to lower its body temperature.
If your room is cooler, it'll make it that much easier
to fall asleep.
Four: Hack your bedding.
I'm talking specifically about your sheets;
Make sure your sheets are made 100% of cotton.
Synthetic fibers will sleep warmer
and keep more bacteria on throughout washes.
Plus, cotton just feels good to the skin, and that
breathability; that's clutch.
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Make sure it's pitch black in the room.

Even if you have a candle flickering
on the side table, that still affects your sleep.
Two: Keep your cellphone alerts off.
I'm talking about that, "Do Not Disturb" feature.
No one should be texting you and waking you up
in the middle of the night.
Sleep is important and it should be a priority.
"What happens in case an emergency and someone needs to reach me?"
Well most of the phones nowadays have
a customizable "Do Not Disturb" feature that allows
calls from your contacts to get through,
especially if they dial twice.
Three: No pets.
This is a tough one for even me to swallow.
I love sleeping with Bear or Roxy,
but the more you sleep with a dog,
the more sleep interruptions you get,
the worse quality of sleep you're going to get.
Four: The most important point of them all. If after fifteen minutes of tossing and turning,
you're unable to fall asleep, get out of the bed
and do something relaxing.
Then try and go back to sleep after fifteen minutes.
I'm not talking about checking out social media on your phone.
The last thing I want you to do is to have FOMO
because your friends are out doing something fun
and you're getting ready for the next day at work.
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Before we go, I want to answer some of your questions

that you have about sleep.
00:04:26,980 --> 00:04:29,320
I've said this before: You should sleep seven to nine hours

per night on average.
If you're consistently getting less than seven
hours of sleep, you're going to see a decrease in
your performance, both cognitively and physically.
00:04:42,320 --> 00:04:44,320
There have been some studies on this in the military

where they gave caffeine to sleep-deprived soldiers
Some of their physical tasks like reaction time
can go back to baseline
even though they had a short night's sleep
but still, you will see negative effect
especially in the cognitive area.
00:05:01,560 --> 00:05:04,100
Really, my first step when someone walks into my office

is to make sure that their sleep hygiene
is on point, that they've done all the behavioral modifications
that we can, and only then will I begin
to discuss some of the pharmacological options.
Those are never my first resort.
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I mentioned some tips on fighting jetlag

in my travel video, but what you can do is plan
ahead and actually adjust to the time zone
that you're traveling to before you go on the trip.
Once you're already there, use the sun to your advantage
to reset your circadian rhythm.
00:05:34,960 --> 00:05:37,520
VERY dangerous. In fact, it can be even considered

more dangerous and is probably responsible for more accidents
on the road than driving under the influence of alcohol.
When you're drinking alcohol, your reactions are delayed.
When you're drowsy, you can have moments of something
known as microsleep
where for a second or maybe even for a few seconds,
you actually fall asleep with your eyes open.
There, it's not a delayed reaction time;
it's NO reaction time.
So, you can imagine how dangerous that is.
00:06:05,840 --> 00:06:08,180
Well, that goes back to my three pillars of health,

but instead I have three pillars for sleep: That's QQC.
Quality, quantity, and consistency.
Consistency meaning going to sleep at the same time
every night, weekend or weekday.
If I had a pill that boosted productivity,
increased fat loss,
and decreased the chance of you developing some diseases,
you'd probably jump on it, right?
Now you have all the tools to get a good night's sleep
and the reasons as to why getting a good night's sleep
is important.
Let's give another huge thank-you to Cotton Incorporated
for sponsoring this video.
As always, stay happy AND healthy.
So I'll pop out from here-
oooh I just think I just ripped my pants-
oh, no, I broke my belt.
Do you spend the beginning of your nights laying in bed?
Is it laying in bed or is it lying in bed?
Get yourself a high-quality cotton
pair of sheets-pair of sheets?


Proven Sleep Tips | How to Fall Asleep Faster | Doctor Mike

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