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  • Hey guys, I'm still on the Camino de Santiago and I wanted to share a quick story with you guys

  • about something that happened to me here on the Camino.

  • It's happened yesterday.

  • And it sort of offers a bit of a different perspective from

  • The last video I made for you guys a few weeks ago from when I was in France.

  • This happened to me yesterday and I walked all day

  • That's just life on the Camino. You're walking walking walking. It's hot you're tired sweating and

  • Finally I got to the destination that I wanted to walk to

  • And I get to the alberge. An alberge is kind of like a hostel and I get in there and

  • It's about 1:00 2:00 in the afternoon, and I talked to the "hospitalero" which is like the

  • Person that's in charge of the alberge

  • and he invites me in and

  • We talked for a little bit and he was only speaking English to me and I can tell that his English is is really broken

  • But he's trying and I told him right up front

  • "Hablo, español" and I said if it's easier for you we speak Spanish.

  • But he kind of ignored that and he just kept speaking

  • English and it was bad, you know, he would be like "Eh, the most important... eh...

  • "regla... rule... most important rule is

  • "eh... no... no...

  • "Must be silence from...

  • "10:30 p.m. to... eh... 6."

  • You know, and it's just kind of painful but he kept trying and

  • You know, you know we sat there and I have to confess

  • I got a little annoyed because it just took five times longer than it needed to

  • It's really annoying because I have to go to the bathroom and I just walked all day long. I'm hot. I'm sweaty. I'm tired

  • I just want to get to my bed and just take a load off

  • And then I think he could tell

  • On my face, so finally after

  • 10 minutes of struggling through his English

  • He finally goes,

  • "Perdón. Es que quiero practicar mi Inglés."

  • Sorry, I

  • wanted to practice English but

  • You know and he seemed a little downtrodden and he reverted to Spanish and at that moment I kind of

  • realized

  • What was going on. And I said, "oh no, I'm not letting you give up on your dream of learning English."

  • I didn't say that out loud, but I thought that

  • and he switched back to to Spanish a little bit and

  • And I didn't let him after that point when I realized what was going on.

  • I switched it back to English and I only let him speak English to me.

  • And I think that really brightened his day. Gave him some time to practic,

  • and

  • It kind of gave me a different perspective because

  • You know

  • normally

  • I'm the one here in the channel saying don't be afraid

  • To practice your languages whether you're annoying whether it's embarrassing whether you screw up make tons of mistakes

  • You gotta embrace your mistakes. You gotta be bold when you're practicing your language without

  • apologizing

  • and

  • you just have to

  • Just have to do it. Just open your mouth and speak no matter what the consequences no matter how embarrassing it is.

  • And it really made it a little bit more real for me today because I was on the other side and

  • sometimes

  • You know, it really is an issue. Sometimes people are gonna be annoyed but

  • If you give in to that, you're not gonna learn if you

  • If you let that defeat you and just revert to your native language

  • You're not gonna learn and he pushed through I mean granted he he almost gave up

  • And if I would have let him give up then that just would have been the end of it

  • but

  • It also goes to show that people are

  • interested in helping you

  • And a lot of people are really interested in helping you learn their native language because their language is special to them

  • And if you let them know that you're just really passionate about learning their language and you can change their perspective

  • Too because it did change mine

  • I originally was kind of annoyed and just frustrated and trying to hurry and then

  • For whatever reason I didn't realize that he he needed someone to practice his English with

  • But when he just told me that it changed my perspective and I became a lot more understanding

  • And a lot more willing to help him

  • So that's the story. I don't know there's several

  • Different points that you could take out of it

  • I guess make of it what you will but I think it's interesting things to think about

  • Just another experience here on the Camino and

  • If you haven't been following my trip

  • Camino de Santiago is really just an amazing experience

  • I highly recommend it for anyone especially language learners a lot of lessons to be learned here

  • So that's just my video for today. I wanted to make it quick and brief and

  • Yeah, that's it so thanks for watching

Hey guys, I'm still on the Camino de Santiago and I wanted to share a quick story with you guys


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