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Hello guys, welcome to my channel
Today I have a guest and
you already know him
because we made a video about writing a motivation letter
And if you haven't seen it
the link will be below
Hi Walker
Walker is from the United States
and he's currently living in Russia
and he's helping students from all over the world
to get into their dream university
And today we're going to talk not about American Universities
I know a lot of people want to go to an American University
It was also my dream to go there
But there are a lot of opportunities
in Europe
in Asia
to study in English
to save money
because for example
Master's degree in an American University will
cost you around 60 k
I studied in Germany
I paid 73 euros for semester
Compare 60 k and 73 euros
For 73 euros I also got this pass which allowed to travel
around Dresden
where I studied.
So there are a lot of opportunities
to study in English
in different countries and form your network there
Today we're going to talk about those universities
Right, so
Marina talked about some of the pluses
it can be a lot cheaper
to study in Europe
it's free, of course you've got
you've got to deal with living expenses
what it's going to cost and go back and forth
but it's cheaper
Another plus is location
You live close to Europe
It might be more convenient
Europe is a beautiful continent
with lots of great places to study
lots of good historical places for universities
It also can be accessible
It's difficult to get a visa
more difficult to get a student visa to go to the USA
and especially Great Britain.
It can be easier to get in to
to study as a student
Another important point is that
if your interests lye
in Europe or Asia
you always form long term links
and always set your roots down
at these places
and if it what you're interested in going
you want to just go there and study
even if you don't have a language
you can study in English
and pick up a language on the way
There are two main centres where English is studied in Europe
And in Asia, especially South-East Asia
and China
Chinese programs are going really fast
Also because they have large English-speaking population
Singapore and Malasia
Australia has been... it's an English-speaking country
Australia is the biggest exporter
of its educational system
for a long time
Others are also important especially as
Asia and Asian economy grows
Asian government are also heavily investing
and try to improve their education
Lots of places, lots of support
building Universities
where education is just in English
I tried to break it down a little bit
came out with famous Universities
Ones that are affiliates
to other Universities
Ones that are fagious
The famous ones are the ones that are long established
that are mostly for local
people so
Universities bulit for the local population
If you're from those countries
these are great places to study
English language meduims
but they are more for the local people
They were designed for that
Affiliants are the majority of the new programs
They are where Universities like American University
British University
set up an affiliate
creating the relationship with local University
and they've built a campus
Sometimes it's a full separate campus
Sometimes it's like a department
within the University
And they have a cache
they can issue diplomas from both Universities
and therefore you come up with an American diploma
There are ones which supposed to be English meduim education
but they are fagious
a local university has a lot of free students
has created a private sector
especially for foreigners
that's either a lot more expensive
or where they managed to get some funding
You have to be careful
sometimes the education is not very good
So you have to do a lot of quality check
Just google university revies and see what people say
I always advise my students to find people who're studying there now
through social networks
or from your country
from your field
and write to them and say "what it's like to study there?"
People that know what it's like to study there
who you can understand
have the same perspective
You can see what they think
It's easy to do that on Linkdin,
Don't be afraid to reach out to people
Right, you have to make sure in quality and relevance
Another important point is that degree has some value
Sometimes in foreign countries they issue a degree
from a foreign university
that doesn't really count in that country
or that doesn't apply in other countries
You end up having a degree and you don't know what to do
Also these affiliates
they may not wish to issue their diploma up the affiliate university
and you've affiliate with an American University but you don't have an American diploma
You have to be very careful
and be orientated
Essentially these programs are growing
in a rapid rate
Middle East countries are building huge universities
with their investments
and all on the English language medium.
If your English's right, it's the best place to consider
and a growing and vibrant community
is growing around the world
We here to help
Sure. Walker actually has a lot of students
whose native language is not English
who are studying in non-English countries
but they're studying in English
You have a student in Italy who's done Ms and Phd
After PhD he got into a giant Italian bank
He's an economist
Another student who finished engeneering degree
in Aalto University in Finland
In Finland
Practically all other students are in Singapore
all the students who have gone they are coming from Russia
and from other countries
have managed to get jobs and also
make roots and establish themselves there
This is really important
You want to apply your skills you've learnt
Please fill free to write down the comments
which country you're most interested in
Germany has more than 800 programs in English
and they're free. Finland's education is free
and pretty much everything's in English
and everybody speaks English
and Italy, all
the Scandinavian countries
university copenhagen
has practically entire universities
And French University
There's a very interesting variant in the south of France
in the town Sophia Antipolis
which is a very famous science university
one of the grandes ecoles
I have a students go there recently
Fantastic place
Fantastic setting
and climate
Walker can help you
with finding the right place
and the right university because
he has many students travelling to different countries
Please feel free to book a consultation with him
I'll leave the link below
We're waiting for your comments about the countries you want to go to
To grab more stories and make another video
Thank you so much for watching this video
Don't forget to subscribe to my channel
See you later, bye!


CHEAP Education in Europe and Asia - Where Can You Get It Almost for FREE?

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