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Hey guys, welcome to Silicon Valley Girl episode 3
I've recently checked my DMs on Instagram and I realized that the most popular question that you asked me is
marina how to find this thing that I should do in my life and
Because I think I figured that out when I was 15 or 14. I want to talk about that in this video. So continue watching
The problem is there are so many things happening around us right now
People are doing so much stuff. One of my friends started a gaming channel on YouTube. He's making
$40,000 a month and I'm like, maybe I should start a gaming channel and then another friend is selling iPhones
He's from Russia
he brings iPhones from the States sells them double price in Russia makes a lot of money and
Then you're like maybe I should do the same because that brings so much money
But the thing is you have to listen to yourself. Like if you try to copy somebody
This is not gonna last maybe you will be
Successful for a couple months and then you're gonna be fed up with what's going on in my case
I think I started in an industry that is not really big like I study abroad industry in America
Please don't understand study abroad industry when I talk to our first investors
When I talked to our first investors, they were like do people even learn languages? And I'm like yes they do
Yes, we do
The thing is because I'm so passionate about what I do and if you guys are new to this channel
I started a company called LinguaTrip.com
it's a study abroad booking platform because study abroad changed my life and I knew
What kind of impact it had on me and I wanted to spread that among
Thousands of students and millions of students all over the world
And the thing is when you realize what you want to do, everything is so natural
I also had a problem figuring out what I want to do because I
Started learning English and I was like, wow English is such a big passion
maybe I should become a translator and
I'm so grateful
my parents stepped in when I was 17 because I was determined to go to
university and study English as a main subject and then my mom stepped in and she's like
Okay, Marina, if you see yourself in America later, what why would you study English?
You should learn another skill and English would be a medium
and this is kind of how I came to study abroad because I realized I want to help people study languages quick tips on how
To find out what is really yours first
What really works me with all of the channels that I've started in youtube?
I was trying to figure out what people ask me the most like you sit down with your friends. What do they ask you?
I was constantly asked about how to immigrate to the States. Right now I'm asked like all the time
You start a YouTube channel. How do you build your influence?
And this is why I started Silicon Valley girl what you have to determine is what people ask you all the time
And sometimes you just get tired of answering all of those questions
And what you want to do is just want to record a video and answer all of those questions
Or maybe start a business because you realize hey, they're always asking me about it. How do I decorate my apartment?
Maybe you don't even have to be a designer by education. You just have to have passion
Maybe this is something what you want to do. Another thing if you think that what you love to do, sounds stupid like gaming or
Doing stupid stuff in videos again. Remember that example from the beginning of this video. My friend check him out it's
America TV let's play channel
He has more than a million subscribers makes
40,000 dollars every month and
Lives a beautiful life in Florida another friend who was really fond of gaming
He started a gaming company and sold it to Microsoft. We came to see Matt
Matt is an entrepreneur who already sold his company to Microsoft. "I'm Matt I'm 18 years old, and I'm the CEO of beam"
This is all about following your passion. These guys don't even have higher education
but the coolest thing about them is they found out what they really really love and this is what I encourage you to do like
sit down and
Create this day when you just think of what's happening to you. Like what would make you the happiest person in the world?
What would that be try to think of activities that you would do for free for the next two years because why?
When I started my company I couldn't make money in the first year
We were renting a table for $100 and I was making like a hundred dollars a month myself
But I was eager to work for free because I realized this is my passion. This is what I want to do
This is how I want to help people
so your task is to sit down and think what your friends ask you what you love to do and
What you would be able to do for at least the next two years of your life for free and then you're done
You know if you realize you want to start your business you can start it right now
You don't have to wait till you quit your job till you graduate from the University. I started when I was 21
I was in the fourth year of my studies in Russia was studied for five years
So I would run out of the lectures I had my phone like my office phone with me
I would run out of the lecture pretend that I'm in the office because people paid us thousands of dollars
So I had to pretend I'm all professional. So I was there in the corridor of my university saying "Hello
This is Marina MP education. How can I help you?" And then I would go back to the lecture
This is how it all started like you don't have to have a fancy office. You just have to have passion and
Understanding that this is exactly what you want to do in your life. They're always asking me about it. How do I decorate my apartment?
Maybe you don't even have to be a designer by education. You just have to have passion
Maybe this is something what you want to do test number one for you in comments below write down that particular thing
That you would be able to do for free in your life
It doesn't matter how ridiculous it sounds if it's playing games write it down if that's you know
Making ice cream write that down if that's eating five times a day write that down
I will pick up three weirdest things that you guys come up with in comments below and
Tell you how you can make business out of it. So comment below. I'm waiting for your reply. So now mark in your calendars
Thank you so much for watching this channel. There is the subscribe button below
Please subscribe to this channel and subscribe to my Instagram lingo marina, and if you have any questions
Don't be afraid to DM me and I'll see you in the next video. Bye



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